The Doctor Talks Shotgun Wounds

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Chris Raynor has a YouTube Channel.

In this video he duets Garand Thumbs shotgun video and goes over shotgun wounding and why the shotgun is so dang devastating inside its effective range.

I had a blast, pun intended, watching the video and going over why the shotgun and 00 (or slug) does a number on the interior organs.

Short answer, its like dumping most of a magazine of 9mm into a concentrated spot all at the same time.

As Clint Smith puts it,

“Pistols put holes in people. Rifles put holes through people. Shotguns, at the right range with the right load, will physically remove a chunk of shit from your opponent and throw that shit on the floor.”

Later on, Dr. Raynor actually goes into the surgical steps necessary for wound diagnosis and treatment, if anything can be done in the first place, and what a trauma center needs to do in order to save someone who’s been critically wounded with a shotgun and a fighting load at close range.

The short short answer to that one is… good luck bud.

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