The “Ceremonial” Gun Violence Prevention Office

President Joe Biden speaks as Rep. Maxwell Frost and Vice President Kamala Harris listen during a Rose Garden event on gun safety at the White House on September 22, 2023 in Washington, DC. Image via CNN

I gave my two cents on the new White House Office Gun Violence Prevention last week. But I don’t think in a lifetime of of writing that I could be more scathing or dismissive of the White House’s latest pandering nothing burger of gun control than what Reuters said.

Biden, with few options on guns, sets up ceremonial office

That has to sting. Getting called out in the headline of a very neutral and well regarded national report like Reuters on your oh so serious efforts, on this super duper serious topic, that you are totally taking seriously…

…seriously, ouch for Biden and Harris. Maybe the VP can tell us about the countries in Europe and their relative sizes or her attire’s color and her orientation at the table some.

Ceremonial – (of a position or role) involving only nominal authority or power.

CNN, typically an ally of Democrat White Houses and their policies, has full on abandoned Biden and is calling him out on his nonsense claims about mass shootings.

Fact check: Biden falsely claims he has ‘been to every mass shooting’

President Joe Biden falsely claimed Friday that he has been to the site of “every mass shooting,” the latest in a series of false claims about his travel record.

That is rough, Mr. President.

Facts First: Biden has not been to even close to “every” mass shooting site – even if he was referring only to mass shootings during his presidency. Minutes later in the Friday speech, he said “our country has experienced more than 500 mass shootings” so far in 2023 alone; Biden has made one trip this year in connection to a specific mass shooting. He made three such trips in 2021 and 2022 combined.

But Biden did not go to the sites of numerous other mass shootings during his presidency, including many that received significant national attention. For example, he did not travel to the sites of shootings this year and last at a mall in Allen, Texasfarms in Half Moon Bay, Californiaa Christian school in Nashvillea bank in Louisville, Kentuckya Walmart in Chesapeake, Virginia; or a parade in Highland Park, Illinois.

Reading CNN take the President to task while Reuters, a news source I consider strongly reputable, just completely dismisses the effort as meaningless has warmed my Monday immensly.

Oh, regular magazines are also likely to be back on the menu in California soon and that is cool too. Cry about it, Newsom. How’s that 28th Amendment going?

Keith Finch
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