The Bullpup That Could (and Can): Austria’s Steyr AUG

Brandon once again steps away from AKs to look at something different.

The Steyr AUG is probably the iconic bullpup. It had excellent pop culture representation, among its most notable being Die Hard, and it was one of the few service rifles that were adopted outside its home nation by other prominent NATO powers.

Australia and New Zealand picked up AUGs and continued their own development chain on modernizing the rifles. They were even slated to come to the states, but that evoparted due to gun control shenanigans.

Disappointed, the Lithgow AUG evolution, the F90, is rather brilliant. Especially in its NATO/STANAG configuration.

They offer a native 14.5″ barreled variant that would probably hit the 26″ OAL with a pinned silencer muzzle device of choice and that would be awesome.

But, not right now.

Right now Brandon talks about the Austrian evolution, the AUG A3. A Rifle that looks fantastic in arctic.

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