The Armaspec XPDW Gen 2

I love the look and feel of PDW stocks almost as much as I love a good supportive Magpul SL stock. Maybe it is purely the look of the stock, or maybe it’s the fact they can be ultra-compact. Whatever the reason is, they are cool as hell. The problem with most is the fancy buffers and tubes they require, which makes the entire package expensive and utterly ridiculous. Luckily, a little company called Armaspec sent me their second generation of the XPDW Stock. The twist is that it doesn’t require a fancy buffer or buffer tube to attach.

The XPDW stock attaches to a MILSPEC tube via an adjustable screw beneath the stock. It slaps on and attaches with ease. The stock looks clean and simple. Admittedly it’s not the shortest PDW-type stock. There are limitations when it comes to using a MILSPEC tube, and one is limiting the overall shortness of the design. However, at 6.875 inches, when fully closed, it cuts some space from the standard stock.

The Armaspec XPDW Gen 2 – In Color

The XPDW is built like an absolute tank. It’s made entirely of metal and built in the United States. It offers five positions for total adjustability. Don’t be an idiot like me and install it on a rifle with a pair of sling mounts of the butt plate. I installed it on a CMMG Resolute, and CMMG pouts some real care into the assembly of their rifles. I’ll need some time and effort to remove that butt plate, but I plan to do so soon.

The XPDW also features a single sling QD point beneath the stock, which is a nice touch, and it made it easy to attach my Magpul sling and loop it over for easy use. The adjustments are very simple to make and allow you to move it back and forth with nothing more than gravity as soon as the lock is released.

Finding the right length of pull isn’t tough, and the adjustments give you good space. The XPDW stock mounts easily and can be swapped from gun to gun pretty easily. While I currently have it on a full-length rifle, it’s really better suited for an SBR.

At the Range

PDW stocks typically have a few flaws. They tend to be somewhat uncomfy, and they also tend to wobble and wiggle. That’s not the case here. The stock lockup is quite tight, and there is no wiggle or wobble. Additionally, the stock isn’t uncomfortable, and it provides an excellent amount of support and a great cheek weld. While the stock is all metal with no give, it doesn’t hurt or punch with recoil.

The XPDW delivers quite a nice degree of comfort and makes long shooting sessions a comfortable affair. The stock fits nicely into the pocket of the shoulder and pivots up and in with ease. Swapping shoulders is simple as the gun rolls off one and onto another. Using optics isn’t difficult, and I can fit naturally right behind my red dot.

The stock surprised me. The installation was simple, it was affordable for a PDW-type stock, and it used a standard MILSPEC tube. On top of that, the numerous downsides associated with PDW stocks are all gone. No wiggle, no wobble, or major discomfort. Plus, I have a cheek weld! It’s not the shortest or the lightest PDW stock, but the XPDW is most certainly one of the best-built and simplest options for the end user. Peep it here.

Travis Pike
Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine gunner who served with 2nd Bn 2nd Marines for 5 years. He deployed in 2009 to Afghanistan and again in 2011 with the 22nd MEU(SOC) during a record setting 11 months at sea. He’s trained with the Romanian Army, the Spanish Marines, the Emirate Marines and the Afghan National Army. He serves as an NRA certified pistol instructor and teaches concealed carry classes.