Teufelshund Tactical – H&K Early SMGs

I always like it when James gets to geek out on H&K Teutonic goodness and this time is no different.

H&K delved deep into the PDW, SMG, and PSD type weapons early and developed products and prototypes galore. They were largely victims of their own success with the MP5 though as in 2021 it it still considered the essential 9mm submachine gun, PCC, etc.

Sure, competition shooters will use a tricked out recoil comped AR of some sort but they have not penetrated the group consciousness of what a 9mm subgun should be. That remains the MP5’s domain. Even excellent modern takes like the Scorpion EVO and MPX aren’t taking over the place in gun culture’s mind.

Iconic is hard to beat. When the product still works so damn well it doubles down too.

Keith Finch
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