Why TenPoint Stands Out Amongst Its Competitors

I watched the old, round-headed bear making his way through the fire-scarred timber. He moved slow and deliberate, with his back hips swaying to keep up with the movement of his massive frame. I swallowed hard, thinking for sure the bear would hear my last strains to keep my heart rate and blood pressure under control. Before I knew it, the bear was standing just 20 yards in front of me. When the hulking bruin provided a broadside view, my TenPoint Nitro RDX spit an arrow through its vital before he could even blink.

The bear only went 50 yards before piling up along a scenic stretch of the remote river. It was like a dream come true. Creating adventure often means traveling ridiculous distances, and headeding into unknown territory and conditions. It took me four days to get to my bear hunting location, which included highway travel, commercial airlines, an expedited ride in a passenger van on one of North America’s roughest roads, followed by a boat ride to the remote Cree River Lodge. I hadn’t unpacked all my gear before I was down on the beach flinging arrows at the target butt with my TenPoint. My crossbow was dead-on and ready to hunt, just as I had prepared it at home.

Two days of scouting with good friend Jason Petersen, ensured we had a spot picked out for our June hunt. Jet boats and winding wilderness rivers made for an incredible setting. The bear we harvested had likely never seen a human before, and paid little attention to our presence. Being around apex predators, you must maintain confidence in your equipment and know how it performs.

It wasn’t by accident I had a TenPoint crossbow for my hunt. The adage, “you get what you pay for” certainly holds true for top performing archery equipment. With all my travels, rough conditions, and potential danger, I wanted a crossbow I could trust to perform. Not just at the range, or under ideal conditions, but when you put on your adventure gear and hunt Rambo-style.

I regularly check all the components of my crossbow before each use. Screws are always tight, cams, limbs, and strings aligned, and I get repeatable results that every hunter should expect. Quality components, superior engineering, and a family that built crossbows so they could succeed at hunting themselves, is why TenPoints work.

Go to an archery shop and compare the fit and feel of several bows, and it will quickly become apparent why TenPoint stands out. There are economically-priced bows to choose from, but you will see the corners that have been cut to get there.

Any of the TenPoint, Horton, or Wicked Ridge bows are work horses. You can shoot them repeatedly, take them on the roughest hunts, and they will treat you the same every time you cock the string and pull the trigger.

Draw weights and arrow speed are balanced to maximize use and performance. Don’t confuse extreme speed with best products. The best advice you can receive when looking for a new crossbow is to shoot as many as you can. It will quickly become apparent that there is a benchmark in the industry and you will be comparing everything else to your TenPoint.