Tennessee, with Governor’s urging, looks at Constitutional Carry legislation

Concealed carry licenses may become optional equipment for Tennessee residents who are legally able to own a handgun.

Gov Lee announces legislation to remove handgun carry permits within Tennessee

Source AP via Clarksville Now

Governor Bill Lee, joined by several key members of the Tennessee legislature, announced today a new bill that will allow a constitutional carry law in Tennessee.

The bill will be introduced as an administration bill, however the Governor acknowledged many in the state legislature have advocated for this change as well.

What’s an Administration Bill? It is legislation proposed at the specific request of the governor by the head of that legislative body and not by a normal legislative member. It is the strongest possible support a governor can give to a potential law since it is coming at their request and with their direction to its drafting.

This doesn’t mean the original won’t be amended in the legislative process or that if the amendments go to far from the original intent the governor might veto it, but it clearly indicates to the legislature what the governor wants.

The bill would not only allow Tennessee residents the right to carry without a permit, but would also introduce stricter penalties to those who commit a crime involving a firearm. Increased penalties would be introduced for those who steal a firearm, including a mandatory minimum sentence for those who steal a firearm.

The right to carry and stiff penalties for behavior contrary to that of a good citizen. Seems alright to me. Tennessee would be the 17th state to legalize carry for residents. Permit would likely still be issued at request for reciprocal purposes, as is the case with the other constitutional carry states.

Keith Finch
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