Taylor Sheridan: Not Only Known for Creating Yellowstone

Taylor Sheridan, known for creating, directing, and starring in his own gritty and often bloody tv shows and movies has done a lot more than Yellowstone and various spin offs. Continuing his love for cowboying and Native American Heritage he has also brought us Wind River, Hell or High Water, and Sicario using many of the same actors.

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With season 5 of Yellowstone premiering next week all eyes have been on Taylor Sheridan’s cowboying and script writing. Many know that he is not only a Filmmaker and actor but also a real life cowboy. Within those roots is a lot of the same interests that he brings to Yellowstone, Native American heritage within the wild west. Not only has he brought those roots to Yellowstone and had major success but he has brought it to other current TV shows and movies without many even knowing yet enjoying in the same regard.

TV Shows

Yellowstone: Taylor Sheridan both created and starred in Yellowstone. This greatly successful show goes over the current day Cowboying, the fight for land in Montana, and the appreciation of this world and it’s animals. It has a beautiful balance between both sides of the coin, the white peoples American Dream and what they bring to the world, and the Native Americans loss of land and continued battles. Season 5 premiering Nov. 13, 2022. NEXT WEEK.

Taylor Sheridan actually starred in 1883 as Charles Goodnight. Photo: Decider.com

Yellowstone Spin off 1883 and the new Sequel, 1923: Ah yes, 1883. Small Pox and white people moving West. This show was gritty, bloody, and again showed both sides of the coin. 1923 has now been announced and will have the same vibes. Premiering Sunday, Dec 18th 1923 is the Origin story of Yellowstone and will be split into two seasons. It will focus on the Drought, Great Depression, and the End of Prohibition within the Duttons world.

Alaska Daily starring Hilary Swank
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Special Mention Alaska Daily: Premiering recently on Oct 7th, 2022. While this show is not written by Taylor Sheridan it continues the story that largely needs to still be talked about, the uninvestigated kidnappings, rapes, and murders of Native American Women. The same premise that Taylor Sheridan’s “Wind River” went over.

Alaska Daily features Hilary Swank, a Journalist that left NY after getting her story snuffed, and travels to Alaska to work for The Daily Alaskan. There she learns about the culture of Alaskans and Native Americans, meanwhile investigating crooked cops and the rapes and murders of Native American Women.


Jeremy Renner and Gil Birmingham in Wind River
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Wind River: Directed by Taylor Sheridan featuring Gil Birmingham and Kelsey Asbille, both from Yellowstone, and Jeremy Renner. This movie is another take on Snowy Wyoming, Whites working there and the American Indian Reservations. Jeremy Renner is set to investigate the death of Kelsey Asbille, an American Indian who’s body was found miles from any buildings or people. The father of Kelsey Asbille being Gil Birmingham, another Taylor Sheridan favorite.

Sicario: Written by Taylor Sheridan. We all know the premise. Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin star in this take on a Government Task Force pursuing a drug lord on the border of the United States and Mexico.

Hell or High Water: Written and starred in by Taylor Sheridan this Western has guns, robberies, and cowboys. Nuff said.

He Also likes to Use the Same Actors.

Gil Birmingham: Wind River, Hell or High Water, Yellowstone

Kelsey Asbille: Wind River, Yellowstone

Kelsey Asbille
Photo: SuperStarsBio

Tokala Clifford: Wind River, Yellowstone

Ian Bohen: Wind River, Yellowstone, Sicario

James Jordan: Wind River, 1883, Yellowstone

James Jordan
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So, if you like Yellowstone..you will probably like the above listed TV Shows, Movies, and Actors

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