TANDEMKROSS Introduces New Upgrades For SW22 Victory

While the SW22 Victory stands out in the rimfire market for its out-of-the-box accuracy and light trigger pull, even good guns can be made great.

TANDEMKROSS, a top manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for rimfire pistols and rifles, is pleased to announce two new upgrades for the popular Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory.

The new TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger for the SW22 Victory is the ultimate SW22 trigger upgrade — ideal for speed shooting competitors. The TANDEMKROSS “Victory” Trigger removes nearly all pre-travel upon installation, and comes with pre- and post-travel adjustment screws to allow each shooter customize their trigger pull.

The skeletonized, lightweight design of the TANDEMKROSS “Victory” trigger provides a flat face that helps the user pull straight back when firing and allows the operator to place their finger lower on the trigger, increasing leverage and providing the feel of a lower pull weight.

The textured trigger provides a no-slip surface regardless of speed or weather and allows for short, repeatable trigger pulls. The trigger is available in black or silver.

The TANDEMKROSS “VictoryPRO” Extended Base Pad for SW22 Victory offers an oversized Zytel grip to boost consistency of positive magazine changes. Should the magazine get stuck, lateral grip pulls allow for easy pulling from the magazine well.

This drop-in SW22 Victory upgrade attaches to the bottom of the factory magazine. The installation does not require glue or gunsmithing and can be done in minutes. This simple Smith & Wesson SW22 upgrade is ideal for competition shooters or any Victory owner looking to improve the firearm’s reliability.


248 Shooter
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