ModWall Patriot Pack

I don’t have any little ones running around at home. OK, I do, but they have four legs. I am almost always at home, and besides carrying at home I like to have shotguns and rifles ready throughout the house. I always felt bad about tucking them into a corner or hiding them on a high shelf. This is where Tactical Walls’ ModWall Patriot Pack comes into play. It allows you to proudly display your wares, while at the same time keeping them at the ready.

ModWall Install & Setup

I was surprised at how easy the install was. All you need is a stud finder and a level. The panels are 22-by-48-by-0.5 inches, so you want to find a wall with ample space. The panels are set up for studs that are 16 inches apart, with 12 screws for each panel. I found getting the bottom panel done first was the easy route. I screwed in one of the middle screws so I could adjust the panel to make sure everything was leveled. After that, just screw in the remaining 11, set the other panel on top, check the level and screw it in.

The set up for the accessories was easy and quick; just follow the instructions. The Patriot Pack came with two AR-15 hangers (left and right), two double-stack pistol hangers (left and right), two flashlight hangers, a large shelf (perfect for storing mags), a vest hanger, helmet hanger and two ModWall Hide-A-Mags (super strong magnets that will hold anything you ask of them). All the accessories are easily moved around on the panels so you can change your configuration to your liking.

Tactical Walls Extras

Tactical Walls offers extra accessories for the ModWall at a great price. You can add on horizontal racks (to show off your unique builds), AR-10 hangers, AK hangers, QLS holster mounts, mag racks, a tactical belt mount, multi-rifle hangers, multi-pistol hangers, revolver hangers and much more. You get the idea.

The ModWall is going to be great to have at my home. I really enjoy looking at some of my gear throughout the day. It is also comforting to know that I have several defensive options at the ready if the need arises. For example, if a coyote gets too close to one of my little ones, I can grab the 300 Blackout pistol off the ModWall and take care of business. The unit also adds to the aesthetics and comfort of my office.

If you don’t have a lot of wall real estate, Tactical Walls also offers a MidMOD Rifle Display Package and ModWall AirMod, to mount your favorite rifle. Give them a look, as they have something for everyone. For more information, visit tacticalwalls.com.

Linas Cernauskas
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