Suppressors from Thermal Defense Solutions

This week, Brian takes a look at Thermal Defense Solutions. They were exhibitors at the Big 3 Media event this past March.

I wanted to do a quick write-up on a really innovative company we saw at the Big 3 Media Event. Thermal Defense Solutions or TDS for short is a new company making suppressors. As we often hear in the industry they have their roots in aerospace manufacturing. What makes them stand out is not so much the fact that they 3D print their suppressors, because they aren’t the first to use 3D printing technology, but the designs they are employing can only be economically created by a 3D printing process.

The design incorporates a traditional baffle stack is surrounded by a spiral structure. It is definitely a different design and according to them it eliminates the secondary ignition seen during rapid fire or full auto bursts. This is increasingly important for military applications as suppressed fire becomes more and more common for them and that secondary ignition is an obvious problem for our night-time war fighters. In my own shooting it did mitigate some of the gas to the face you typically receive shooting a suppressed DI system.

They have a wide variety of models so far but the one that really stood out to me was the Bantam. It is a centerfire 5.56 suppressor with a 1.25 inch outside diameter and 4.7 inches long weighing in at only 6.5 ounces!!! It is just not quite hearing safe however I did fire it without once just to see how bad it was. I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of it but in a hunting or home defense situation it is manageable. Combine that with the $699 asking price and I think I found my next suppressor purchase.

You can check  out TDS at their website for more details about their product offerings.

Eric TGL
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