EAGLEVILLE, PA, January 29, 2024 – Streamlight® Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, introduced upgraded models of its TLR® RM 1 and TLR® RM 2 series of lights, each now featuring an HPL (High Performance, High Lumen) face cap for a super-bright beam of up to 1,000 lumens and an extended reach of up to 22,000 candela.

The popular TLR RM 1 and TLR RM 2 models, both also available with red or green lasers, have been upgraded with the new face cap to provide improved beam distance when mounted to long guns.

“The addition of the HPL face cap to these models results in high lumen lights that also deliver a powerful beam with extensive range and solid peripheral coverage,” said Streamlight President and Chief Executive Officer Ray Sharrah. “Their ability to put more light on a target at a distance makes them powerful tools for law enforcement professionals, military personnel, hunting and shooting enthusiasts and others when operating under low-light conditions. And the models with integrated red and green aiming lasers help to improve focusing on targets before taking any action.”

Packaged as a system, each rail mounted light features independently operating push-button and remote pressure switches that provide momentary or constant on operation; the kit provides everything users need to mount to long guns. The lights are also available in light-only models.

The laser models include a three-position mode selector to switch between LED only, LED/Laser or Laser only modes. The face cap on all the lights offers a ‘safe-off’ feature to prevent unintentional activation.

The upgraded models are designed to quickly and securely attach to any long gun with a MIL Standard 1913 or NATO Rail, without the need for hands in front of the muzzle. The lights offer highly accurate sight repeatability when remounting. Each light includes a key kit to securely fit onto a broad array of weapons.

All models feature a white power LED and include a custom TIR optic that produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination. The TLR RM 1 Laser and TLR RM 2 Laser also feature a 640-660nm red laser, while the TLR RM 1 Laser-G and the TLR RM 2 Laser-G use a 510-530nm green laser. The TLR RM 1 and TLR RM 1 Laser models offer 500 lumens, 11,000 candela and a beam distance of 210 meters, while the TLR RM 2 and TLR RM 2 Laser models deliver 1,000 lumens, 22,000 candela and a 297-meter beam distance. All the lights also include a user-programmable strobe feature.

The TLR RM 1 and TLR RM 1 Laser models each use one (1) 3-volt CR123A lithium battery, measure 3.64 inches in length, and range in weight from 3.02 ounces to 3.24 ounces. The TLR RM 2 and TLR RM 2 Laser models each include two (2) 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries, are 4.97 inches long, and range in weight from 4.68 ounces to 5.11 ounces. All six models feature 1.5 hours of continuous run time and three hours on strobe. In laser mode, the TLR RM 1 Laser and TLR RM 2 Laser run for 60 hours, while the TLR RM 1 Laser-G and TLR RM 2 Laser-G run for 11 hours.

The lights are constructed with durable anodized machined aircraft aluminum with an impact resistant BOROFLOAT® glass lens. The laser versions are IPX4-rated for water-resistant operation, while the non-laser versions are IPX7-rated for waterproof use.

The HPL face cap can be purchased separately to fit existing TLR rail mount models.

About Streamlight
Based in Eagleville, PA, Streamlight, Inc. is marking 50 years of manufacturing high-quality, durable flashlights designed to serve the specialized needs of professionals and consumers alike. Since 1973, the company has designed, manufactured and marketed high-performance flashlights, and today offers a broad array of lights, lanterns, weapon light/laser sighting devices, and scene lighting solutions for professional law enforcement, military, firefighting, industrial, automotive, and outdoor applications. Streamlight is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. For additional information, please call 800-523-7488, visit or connect with us on;;; and     

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