Steyr 9mm Pistol M9A2 MF

The Steyr is well made and performs well.

I carry a polymer frame striker fired pistol most of the time and you probably do as well. The type is big on reliability and small on maintenance. Reliability is about a million times more important than anything else. Polymer allows engineering to do things you cannot dream of with a metal frame. Polymer is relatively inexpensive. Handfit is among the advantages of intelligent polymer design. Striker fired pistols are able to achieve a very nice crisp trigger action as well. Among the overlooked gems in the 9mm world is Steyr’s 9mm pistol. The M9 A2 is a modern pistol with good features. The obligatory lightweight polymer frame is there. The trigger action is very nice  straight back with a clean break. The design of the pistol allows a lower bore axis (lower bore centerline above the firing hand) than most handguns. The slide isn’t really wider than most Glock like pistols but the flat top gives that appearance.

The pistol is supplied with rear strap inserts and also changeable side panels allowing a wide range of hand fit options. The balance of abrasion and adhesion in the grip is excellent, not raspy but allowing a firm grip when firing or engaged in tactical movement. The Steyr’s blade type trigger lever is automatically disengaged as you press the trigger to the rear. The action breaks at 5.4 pounds. Slide finish is good. The polymer frame features a molded in light rail. The pistol features forward cocking serrations on the slide. Pistols with a low riding slide are sometimes difficult to rack, this pistol simply demands grasping the slide and exerting leverage. The low riding slide is reminiscent of the CZ 75 pistol. The flat type magazine release is positive in operation. I like a low riding slide stop I don’t wish to entangle my finger in the slide stop and cause a stoppage during a firing string. The Steyr pistol is ideal in that regard.

Take down is simple enough. A button on the right side of the frame is marked safe and fire. By pressing the plunger button in you may move the takedown lever downward freeing the slide. Once the slide is moved forward the recoil assembly is easily picked out of the slide and the barrel simply angles out. This is all of the disassembly required for routine cleaning. The sights are different from most that we find on modern pistols. While you may fire with precision using the trapezoid sights the primary advantage is that the triangle base and the base of the trapezoidal notch are quite wide. This allows good sight control through a wide range of motion and movement. Practice and acclimation are required. When you practice with these sights you find sight acquisition rapid.

The pistol was lubricated along the long bearing surfaces and barrel hood before firing. I noted the pistol sets low in the hand and feels better than any other polymer frame 9mm in the safe. The two supplied 17 round magazines were loaded with Fiocchi Shooting Dynamic 115 grain FMJ ammunition. I placed man sized targets at seven yards for the initial evaluation. Drawing quickly and getting on target the pistol exhibited excellent results. Control is good and recoil is modest for a pistol of this size and weight. The proof of the pistol’s efficiency was at 15 yards. At this range control remained good. The sights are a good design for combat use. Once you acclimate there are advantages. If you do not think these sights are an advantage XS sights offers a tritium replacement set. Link below at

I don’t expend additional funds on a pistol until I confirm its performance and that it is a keeper. So far the sights are still riding on the slide without replacement. I found the sights properly regulated for 124 grain loads. Moving to defense and service loads I fired several groups from a solid benchrest firing position. I used the following loads.

Load15 yard group, five shots
Black Hills 124 grain JHP +P2.0 inch.
Fiocchi 115 grain Extrema1.85 inch.
Hornady 135 grain FlexLock2.2 inch.

The pistol has proven reliable and is clearly reliable and accurate enough for defense use. If there is a drawback it is that the Steyr isn’t optics ready and there are not many after market options. As issued the pistol is a formidable pistol worth its price.

Manufacturer supplied information-

The newly designed STEYR PISTOL A2 MF is the newest member in the STEYR ARMS product family. It is available in 3 sizes – (L-Large; M-Medium and C-Compact) with 17 round magazine, a real picatinny rail (MilStd. 1913) at the forend and a fully adjustable grip. The back strap as well as both sides of the grip are adjustable with different sized inlays. The grip also features a funnel for a quick magazine change.


  • Synthetic grip with changeable side-plates and back-straps
  • Reset action system (special double action system) trigger
  • Grip – the synthetic grip features an angle designed for optimal pointability and ergonomical shape for enhanced comfort in operation and handling
  • Grip – the ergonomic grip can be individually adapted to the shooters hand by replacing the back strap and the grip panels, on the front end is a picatinny rail for mounting devices on the pistol
  • Slide – the slide has an extremely low height, positively affecting the recoil and aiming characteristics of the pistol
  • Barrel – the barrel is mechanically locked and has 6 lands and grooves with a right hand twist
  • Multifunction element – the multifunction element is made of steel and inserted into the grip, its principal features include the trigger and safety devices, as well as the slide catch lever and ejector
  • Sights – the sights, which consist of a triangular front sight and a rear sight with trapezoid recess, are adjustable in lateral directions, white contrasting surfaces on the front and rear sights serve as additional targeting aids
  • Magazine – the steel magazine features openings on both sides to determine the number of cartridges left in the magazine
  • Trigger system – the reset-action trigger system features a trigger safety, a drop safety, and indirect firing pin safety
  • Trigger system – these passive safeties function automatically without the need for any action by the user, they are always on and are automatically deactivated by pulling the trigger to its rearmost position
  • Type: Semi-Automatic, Mechanically Locked, Recoil-Operated
  • Series/Collection: M9-A2 MF
  • Action: Double
  • Caliber/Gauge: 9x19mm Luger
  • Capacity: 17
  • Magazine Type: Steel
  • Sight: Trapezoid
  • Slide: Black
  • Safety: Trigger, Firing Pin, Drop
  • Grip Type: Black Interchangeable Backstrap
  • Trigger Pull: 5.51 lb
  • Frame Material: Polymer
  • Frame Finish: Black
  • Barrel Length: 4″
  • Overall Length: 7.4″
  • Weight: 27.5 oz
  • Overall Height: 5.6″
  • Overall Width: 1.3″