Stag Arms Moves to Wyoming

Stag has been in Connecticut since 2003.

Stag Arms says they are done dealing with Connecticut and their new home will be Wyoming.

The company will move to Cheyenne later this year after picking the new location. The shift follows similar recent moves by other firearms companies, most notably Weatherby and Magpul, who left California and Colorado, respectively, for new and more friendly pastures.

“I am pleased to welcome Stag Arms to Wyoming and to know that our state came out on top of a broad look at potential new homes for the sought-after company,” said Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon in a statement. “We have a deep-seated commitment to the Second Amendment that I will continue to uphold.”

Stag was founded in May 2003 and has carved out a niche in the gun market with 556/.223-caliber AR-15 and .308/6.5 Creedmoor AR-10 style rifles, parts, builder’s sets, and accessories. The were also crucial in the early days for people seeking left handed ejecting rifles, although that request trend has faded as unnecessary.

According to the ATF data, the company manufactured 10,932 rifles in 2017. They are the second largest rifle maker in Connecticut, just behind Colt. Stag produced more rifles than Mossberg’s North Haven, Connecticut facility in the same year. In short, they are a long term major player in the AR market and

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