Springfield Armory Releases The M1A Socom 16 CQB

Trusted for decades for its authoritative stopping power and reliability, the M1A platform is now optimized for close quarters defensive use. Springfield Armory is proud to announce the newest member of the M1A family, the Socom 16 CQB.

The Socom 16 CQB is not just a smaller and more maneuverable M1A; it’s been designed specifically to excel in close quarter applications. Nearly ten inches shorter than the M1A standard model, the CQB offers quick and easy handling for defensive use indoors or out.

The reduced size is the obvious part. What makes the Socom 16 CQB shine are the handling improvements. The all new adjustable buttstock is mounted on a standard AR-type receiver extension tube, so customers can choose from hundreds of compatible stock options to suit their specific mission requirements. The Socom 16 CQB features a new pistol grip that facilitates retention and control over the rifle with the firing hand. The grip itself is AK-rifle compatible, so it can easily be swapped with any standard aftermarket model. In short, the grip and control components are specifically designed to allow interoperability with the widest possible array of aftermarket options to suit specific customer needs.

“There’s never been a question about the effectiveness of the M1A platform for serious fight-stopping use,” observes Springfield Armory CEO Dennis Reese. “With the Socom 16 CQB, we wanted to really optimize the platform for indoor or field close quarters use.”

A close combat rifle requires customization when it comes to accessories like lights, lasers and optics. The Socom 16 CQB leverages the M-Lok compatible system for easy attachment of gear exactly where it’s needed. Two included three-slot rail segments can be mounted at the three and nine o’clock positions. A longer seven-slot rail at the six o’clock position is perfect for mounting a bipod or other accessories. On top and forward of the receiver, mounted on the barrel, is a medium eye relief seven-slot rail capable of mounting a scout optic should need dictate longer range shooting.

Since the Socom 16 CQB is a member of the M1A family, it accepts, all the same, magazines as other M1A models so users can choose from 5, 10, or 20-round magazines. A ten-round magazine is included with the CQB.

The Socom 16 CQB is ready for defensive use right out of the box. The XS Sights Tritium front sight post glows day or night when viewed through the adjustable rear aperture sight. Users who prefer optical sighting can choose a CQB factory model pre-configured with a Springfield Armory proprietary Vortex Venom Red Dot sight.

The new M1A Socom 16 CQB arrives packaged in a new custom ballistic nylon Springfield Armory “Tactical Gear” soft case complete with internal support straps, owners manual storage pocket, and pouches for up to three spare magazines.

Whether for home defense, law enforcement, or field use, users will appreciate the new Socom 16 CQB. It’s designed for maximum utility without any sacrifice of firepower.

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