SPEEDY STEEL: Zero Tolerance & Benchmade

Speedy Steel

Anything that makes my life easier is always a welcome addition. Case and point, being able to open a knife one-handed is a must, and if it can be done with speed, that’s even better.  Recently I was able to try out two speedy steel knives that I am completely smitten with for different reasons. Make sure you check with your local laws regarding, blade length and types, and what actions are legal in your area.

Speedy Steel: Benchmade

The moment I opened the box to the Benchmade 3300BK-2001 Infidel I knew I was going to like it. Based on Benchmade’s popular Off-The-Front (OTF) Infidel platform, what makes this line special, is that it is only being offered for 2020 with blue anodized handles. And the 3.91-inch double-edge blade features CPM-S30V steel with a black DLC finish. With some OTF knives you’ll have some play with the blade and surprisingly to me there was almost zero play.

Speedy Steel: Benchmade

The main attraction to this Infidel, besides the blue handles, is how incredibly quick it is. The Infidel deploys and retracts with an extremely easy to use switch that has a very positive feel to it. Carrying it for a couple of weeks I didn’t have any accidental deployment of the blade. Which is good, considering how sharp the blade is. 

The knife weighs 4.9 ounces, is 8.91 inches opened and 5 inches closed. The tough 6061-T6 aluminum handles are 0.59 inches think and feel great in the hands. The clip is Benchmade’s Deep-Carry, with the tip pointed down. Visit benchmade.com for more info and check secondary markets to get your hands on one.

Zero Tolerance

ZT’s 0357BW assisted opening knife completely caught me off guard. It has quickly become one of my favorite go-to knives. The opening action is ZT’s Assisted SpeedSafe and it is quick, it caught me by surprise the first time I pulled back on the flipper. It feels great in the hand and has this understated look — it’s a working knife built for tough conditions. 

Speedy Steel: Zero Tolerance

The 3.25-inches CPM 20CV blade has cut through anything that I have thrown at it (within reason). I really like ZT’s deep-carry pocket clip (which has taken a beating) for ambidextrous carry in the tip-up position. I like that the knife doesn’t stick so far out of the pocket.

The knife weighs 4.3 ounces, is 7.625 inches opened and 4.4 inches closed. The G10 black handles feel great in the hands  and offer the right amount of retention. The handles are 0.47 inches thick and blade is finished in ZT’s BlackWash coating. Check it out for yourself at zt.kaiusa.com

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