Spartan Blades: CQB Tool

Spartan Blades: CQB Tool

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Just outside the back gates of the US Army’s Fort Bragg, home of the fabled “Green Berets”, you will find the sleepy little North Carolina town of Southern Pines. Like every small town in America, their economy is fueled by small “Mom and Pop” stores and restaurants located off the main street running its center. Last fall, I had the opportunity to return to the Tar Heel state for business and discovered this small town was actually the home base of operations for a very well-known knife company, Spartan Blades. This veteran owned business is ran by two retired Army Special Operations snipers, who took their knowledge of war fighting to the work bench in creating some of the best knives you will ever own.


After touring their office and getting to know the staff, I was fortunate enough in the following months to try out a blade I have been admiring for close to a year now, the CQB Tool. To begin with, this isn’t your standard knife. While at first glance, this looks like a diminutive one piece dagger with a small, odd loop on the bottom, it’s actually become one of my favorite items from Spartan Blades.


THINK ABOUT THIS: When all hell breaks loose and the enemy is on top of you in a struggle for your life, the large combat knife still in its sheath on your hip or the .45 ACP tucked into your waist band does absolutely NO GOOD! The CQB Tool is specifically designed to be quietly tucked away behind other items out of sight with the easy to deploy loop ever at the ready to be grabbed and put to use. Its sole design purpose is for the Police Officer, soldier, or innocent civilian being attacked to get the dirt bag OFF OF YOU!! With an optional aluminum training version that is blunt tipped and unsharpened, one can train to put the tool to great use in grappling situations before transitioning to a primary weapon.

Measuring almost 7 inches overall and sporting a 2 7/8 inch double edge, this blade is a razor sharp stiletto ready to penetrate anything in its path to ensure its user’s survival in a close quarters fight. The ringed one piece construction offers a no frills, easily accessible force option that is made to be comfortably retained during a conflict. The factory applied SpartaCoat allows the Flat Dark Earth tool and it’s coyote colored kydex sheath to blend seamlessly into the rest of your gear without drawing much attention. Regardless of what knife I currently run with my training kit, I am never without a CQB Tool since testing the sample sent by Spartan Blades.


With an average cost of around $160, there are tons of other cheaper knife options on the market but none more trusted than Spartan Blades when my life depends on it. Saving money does you no good when you’re dead! Once you handle a CQB Tool for yourself, you will have to have one for yourself. Check out the CQB Tool and the rest of the great Spartan Blades at today.


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