Space AK – Those Crazy Russians

This is the TKB-022P and it looks Sci-Fi as all get out. It’s a Russian AK-like prototype made by a man named German. German Korobov, a Russian, developed these Space AK rifles in order to… I don’t know, battle it out with the the Fallen maybe.

Space AK, Fiction, Zhalo Supercell
Zhalo Supercell from the SciFi video game Destiny
Space AK Fact TKB-022P

I saw the video on these prototype rifles roll across my feed and dug into them a little bit. While they were never issued the TKB-022 series saw incredible ingenuity in parts placement and design. A variant even helped the Soviet Union update their small arms design and doctrine to focus around lighter and faster intermediate cartridges. The 5.6x39mm would help pave the way for the legendary 5.45x39mm that we know out of the AK74.

I was under the impression some of the SciFi games, like Destiny, had just mixed around the design models off of working rifles. Now I’m convinced that, despite the story arc of the first game being a dumpster fire, someone on the design team had to be a weird Soviet tech history buff and found that all their weird guns would be perfect to battle various variants of evil alien hordes.

I tend to agree.

The TKB-022P aka Space AK is still a piston operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle. The piston is around the barrel though, in a manner some shotguns utilize. The oddball “pistol grip” is the magwell, making this TKB bullpup esk but also reminiscent of pistol grip loaded subguns like the UZI.

It’s neat, different, and I want to go do Space Force things with it.

Keith Finch
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