Smith & Wesson AR-15 Sales Data Subpoenaed by Congress

After They Didn't Join Ruger and Daniel Defense in Front of Congress

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The U.S. House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Smith & Wesson Brands Inc (SWBI.O) for information on its AR-15 style firearms sales and marketing after the gunmaker’s chief executive refused to appear before lawmakers last month, it said in a statement.

The panel, led by Democratic U.S. Representative Carolyn Maloney, cited incomplete data and gaps in the company’s metrics in seeking documents from the firearms manufacturer, citing a copy of the letter notifying CEO Mark Smith of the congressional summons. – Reuters

After Ruger and Daniel Defense both made headlines in the gunternet circles by failing to denounce the ATF during their questioning, and while that is disappointing it feels a lot like asking someone to tell you how their abusive relationship is going with the abuser in the room and they’re still going home with them after this meeting, Smith & Wesson CEO Mark Smith did not answer the congressional committee summons and has had their records subpoenaed instead.

Unlike the private lawsuit that targeted Remington and Bushmaster, this is Democratic congressional aggression against the firearms industry citing the same basic principles. The allegation is that Smith & Wesson among others in the industry has recklessly advertised their firearm products and sold ‘assault weapons’ to the public.

“This subpoena was made necessary by your unwillingness to voluntarily comply with the Committee’s investigation, including your refusal to testify about your company’s troubling business practices … and your refusal to voluntarily produce key information about your company’s sale of assault weapons to civilians,” Maloney wrote in a letter to Smith.

So Maloney is upset that Smith & Wesson legally sold AR-15’s to people who are legally able to possess and use them through the regulated process overseen by the ATF. How dare Smith & Wesson comply with all these rules and arm Americans!

Daniel Defense and Smith & Wesson have both featured prominently in a couple recent mass casualty attacks, being the two owned ARs for two of the shooters.

This circumstance has spawned a conspiracy theory, including a call within circles of the industry not to sell Daniel Defense or S&W AR-15’s (or any firearm) to very skinny young white males, since four such were responsible in recent MAPS type attacks.

The theory goes further to allege government involvement, due to several loose connections, including but not limited to the consistency in rifles owned, number of rifles, recentness of the purchases, expense of the rifle in the case of the Daniel Defense products compared to early 20’s and late teen’s income, and even the location of the vertical grip on the rifle (which DD does from the factory). And while I would love to immediately dismiss government misconduct, the problem there is that the government has acted against the American people before and consistently when they needed to get their way.

Do I believe the government is turning young, disenfranchised, impressionable youth into lone wolf terrorists? On US soil that is?

I do not. I just wish it wasn’t as plausible as it is.

Because we, the US, have absolutely and unquestionably done that other places. The government is capable of it and was very good at it during the Cold War era.

But the more plausible option continues to remain that these are self radicalized youth who want the attention a horrific act brings. The fact that several have had traits loosely in common with the Scene, Emo, and Punk cultures seems to be one of those disturbing coincidences. But in a simplified way these specific attacks quantify rebellious youth commits the ultimate rebellion, against all decency, empathy, and morality, and gains unquestionably the attention of the nation or world.

Unless they get smoke checked by another young man and die trying to crawl back to their hiding place in the mall bathroom that is.

The Subpoena

This behavior from the House Oversight Committee is troubling, even if it is only meant to be mildly irritating, intimidating, and disruptive to the firearm industry.

This administration and the Democrats in congress seem bound and determined to make Bruen consequences everyone’s problem and as annoying for all of us as it needs to be for them due to their unconstitutional law practices up to know.

Keith Finch
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