Sig Sauer P938 Review Follow up

It has now been several months since I purchased the sig p938. You can see our original review with technical specs and our initial thoughts here. 

Originally we purchased a P938 Extreme with Hogue G-10 grips for Mrs. Shooter, because of her small hands and fingers that required a short Single Action Only trigger. After taking her CPL course and carrying the gun it is still her one and only favorite weapon.

Those that know me, know that I am not one to be outdone. As such after shooting her gun several times the itch for my own sig P938 grew and grew. In the height of the panic I was able to sell my Ruger LC9 at a very nice profit and use that to cover most of the cost of a P938.

My wife made it very clear that I was not going to get an Extreme and that I needed to pick another finish if I wanted the Sig P938. Luck would have it that a Sig P938 Nightmare became available so I grabbed it up at a great price. At the time I carried my Glock 27 on a daily basis and only wanted to replace the Ruger LC9 that had been my dress up pocket pistol. The idea of  replacing my Glock 27 in .40 caliber with a 9mm that had less rounds was not a consideration at all.

the P938 carried as a pocket pistol for charity events when needing to wear a suit or tuxedo worked perfectly. In the coming months I carried the P938 any place my clothing would not allow me to carry a larger pistol.

Then Fathers day came and my world was turned upside down. My wife in a gesture of unfathomable kindness and understanding purchased a Crossbreed Mini Tick holster for me that was made for the P938.  Let me explain something about Mrs. Shooter, she has a CPL and will carry, but is not an enthusiast like I am. More importantly she does not want anyone to know I am carrying. As such while she appreciates me being prepared and armed she does not want to know or have anyone around me be able to see a print.

As a way to make me happy and to reduce printing she knew I needed a IWB holster.  As such she went out and found Crossbreed and picked up a Mini Tuck to make us both happy. We will be doing a full review on the Mini Tuck shortly but lets just say that this holster was so much more comfortable then my Old Faithful Holster that it blew my mind.

I started using the Crossbreed with the P938 for any family events and anytime the kids were around. Slowly I started using it when an increased level of cover was not needed, like going out to get lunch or other solo events. Now based on the thin slide on the Sig and the comfort of the Crossbreed holster it has transitioned to my EDC. I still wear my G27 when going into Detroit or other “risky” places but in my everyday environment I have found the P938 to be a great balance of form and function. Offering me a comfortable level of confidence especially if carrying a spare mag without the size, weight and print that comes with some of my larger weapons.

The gun has been to the range now several time with almost 800 rounds through it. I have fired +P self defense rounds with no issues and have yet to find a cartridge that causes this gun to hiccup. The only issue I have had with the gun is the extremely rough texture of the P938 Nightmare did really rough up my side. I have been lucky enough to convince my wife to swap pistols with me so that I can carry the Extreme which is much more comfortable to wear. If you always have an undershirt on then you are likely not going to be affected by this.

We will continue to update you as Mrs. Shooter and I get more experience with the Sig Sauer P938 but for now I would place this gun on the must have list.

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