Sig Sauer AXG Legion P365 Macro

The Sig Sauer P365 family of striker fired pistols is one of the hottest selling product lines today and within the years since their initial launch they’ve become so popular as one of the go to carry guns. In addition, Sig Sauer offers so many versions and sizes and trim levels that there’s something for everyone. In more recent times the Sig Sauer P365 XL and Macro versions, both which are on the larger end of P365 have specifically blown up in popularity because they almost handle like compacts while still maintaining a slightly smaller footprint. Now, the same attributes from the full size Sig Sauer AXG P320 Legion have found their way into the Sig Sauer P365 Macro frame while still having many of the goodies the AXG P320 Legion is known for.

From Our Friends At Athlon Outdoors:

The SIG Sauer P365 has experienced rapid popularity since its inception due to its perfect carry size, modularity, and capacity. However, although some loved the P365’s initial size and FCU, they wanted more capacity. For this reason, the company created the X-Macro, increasing the capacity to 17+1 and improving performance and handling. And now, SIG Sauer adds the P365-AXG to the LEGION family for even better performance and overall aesthetics.

Delivering the performance of an all-metal construction, the P365-AXG LEGION features the AXG (Alloy XSeries Grip) grip module. The module features the LEGION gray Cerakote finish for extended durability and has custom Hogue G-10 grip panels with the LEGION Chevron. Correspondingly, the textured front and back straps, textured grip panels, and extended beavertail ensure a positive grip while shooting. Likewise, the extended beavertail grip helps mitigate slide bite.

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