SIG P365XL Spectre

The pistol is reliable

When SIG introduced the P365, a sub compact ten hot 9mm handgun, they had an immensely popular product. The P365 has been well received. A favorite variation is based on the P 365  XL series. The XL types are SIG pistols with a longer slide and barrel and slightly taller grip.  The SIG P365 XL is a larger and slightly heavier handgun but still a perfect size handgun for concealed carry. The P365XL Spectre is concealable but easier to shoot well than most pistols. The Spectre also boasts attractive custom grade features. An interesting feature is a battle worn or distressed finish. With the frame treatment and overall quality this is a distinctive pistol with a lot of eye appeal. The texture is a result of tumbling after the slide is finished. After it exits the tumbling media each slide is unique in appearance with no two being quite the same. In common with other XL pistols the P365 XL is a product of the SIG custom works shop. The slide features a cut out that is a stylized X just behind the front post sight. The slide is stainless steel under the battle worn finish. The slide is relatively smooth with no sharp edges as it should be for concealed carry. The pistol features both rear and forward cocking serrations. oading, racking the slide, unloading or making the pistol ready isn’t a chore. The pistol is fitted with SIG XRAY sights. XRAY sights were familiar to me from long use with my first P365 9mm pistol. These sights feature a fluorescent circle around the bright front sight and two dots in the rear sight. Radioactive tritium makes for true twenty four hour sighting ability. If the need arises you may rack the slide by using the wedge type rear sight.

The frame is also distinctive. A polymer receiver holding the stainless steel chassis has also received special treatment. The grip tang is extended for better feel and recoil control. Grip texture provides an ideal balance of adhesion and abrasion. Once you have affirmed the grip the pistol isn’t going anywhere whether the hand is wet, cold, or sweaty. The grip treatment includes recesses in the grip that give the shooter greater purchase than that the standard P365.  The trigger is an interesting development. The trigger is flat and promotes straight to the rear trigger compression. Trigger break is clean. Riding the trigger to the break and then catching the reset results in very good fast shooting. A number of sub compact pistols cramp my average size hand and trigger finger. The P365 XL Spectre treatment feels much better than most- in fact any other sub compact I have fired. The pistol is supplied with two twelve round flush fit magazines. This gives the shooter two more rounds than the ten shot P365. A word of warning- the magazine springs are very strong as they must be. It is asking a lot to feed twelve rounds in such a small magazine from full compression to almost no compression. It takes considerable effort and a magazine loader to load the magazines to full capacity. After the initial range session and break in period the magazines became slightly less difficult to load.

Firing the pistol is a pleasure. I used Blazer brass 9mm, Federal American Eagle 124 grain and also the Federal Synetch 9mm. The pistol never failed to feed, chamber, fire or eject. This is a 21 ounce pistol so there is recoil energy. The pistol isn’t as comfortable to fire as a SIG P320 but recoil isn’t sharp or painful. Firing at man sized targets at 5 and 7 yards the Spectre proved effective in taking out the X ring. Most hits were in the X ring a few in the 8 and 9 ring. Aim, press the trigger, allow the pistol to reset in recoil and fire again. For testing absolute accuracy I fired the Federal 124 grain HST and Speer 124 grain Gold Dot. I fired from a solid benchrest position at 15 yards. Firing five shot groups I managed a number of five shot 2.0 inch groups. The P365 is a reliable handgun and easy enough to use in combat drills. It is more accurate than I expected and has a certain eye appeal and pride of ownership that make the pistol enjoyable to own and fire.