SIG P320 XCompact Review

P320 XCompact and Raven Concealment Systems Perun

In a concealed carry world where the Glock 19 is the reining compact champion finding a pistol I actively like more is… well… like trying to beat the champion. You can do it, but it isn’t easy. Sig P320 XCompact, enter stage right.

I like the G19. The favorite is the G19X, the Glock that lost to the P320 in becoming the M17/M18. Now, I like the P320 also. I originally bought a Nitron “Longslide” Compact when a run of those hit the market and it shot very well. I sold it to someone who wanted one right-now-in-a-hurry thinking I would replace it in short order.

I didn’t replace it.

I am very glad I didn’t… because Sig ran the XFive guns.

P320 XFive Legion. Latest in the XFive line

Originally meant as their “race gun” variant, similar to the P226 X-Five, this P320 variant was a victim of its own success.

The XSeries guns looked good, performed so well, and had a forward thinking feature set that built on the P320. They started getting picked up as duty pistols in their own right.

So Sig expanded the line. Now it encompasses the XFive, XCarry, XCompact, and XFive Legion. All of them with the sharp looks of the XFive frames, flat blade triggers, and optic ready slides.

P320 XCompact vs. G19

The XCompact drops itself into the optics ready compact category. It’s message is simple. Glock isn’t the only game anymore.

Dimensionally the Sig differs, it isn’t trying to be the G19, it’s trying to provide a superb quality alternative that fills the pistol requirements and then some. Still all Sig for the Sig fans.

“Taller” grip

The XCompact’s grip is longer than the G19’s, it has available thicker or thinner modules from Sig but, in my opinion, the (M) medium frame is more comfortable to me than the unaltered G19X frame (my Glock preference) and it I wouldn’t change it.

The P320 XCompact has a pronounced molded in beavertail to protect from slide bite. The 3.6″ barrel compared to the Glock’s 4.02″ makes for a shorter slide and I must say the rebalancing that dimension produces is much more enjoyable than I thought. Of note, you can see the top loaded chamber indicator which doubles the visual and tactile verification of the extractor on the XCompact.

The rear sight/optic plate is something I have a love/hate theory with. It’s easy out of the gate to put the Romeo1 RDS on the XCompact and with available aftermarket plates the most popular dots can be mounted no problem. But…

The rear sight housing is… thicK.

A lot of metal on those wings, but the X-Ray sights are nice.

Not a deal killer. Not a real issue when I shoot either. The rear sight just blocks a little more periphery than other rear sights and it is noticeable.

The X-Ray night sights themselves are a favorite of mine though. High visibility front sights are on all my Sig pistols, with the exception of my Legion P226 running an RMR. Tritium lamps front and rear with a high visibility front.

Ultimately if you like Glocks best this is not changing your mind. But if you’re a Sig fan or were looking for a Glock alternative… you might want to pull the trigger here.

Range Time

The best of times.

About 600 rounds later…

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On the range the P320 XCompact proved its mettle by bringing in a failureless performance. I wasn’t expecting any differently, the P320 has had plenty of vetting time by several individuals, agencies, and the various branches of the US Military. It’s always nice to see that you don’t have a QC quirk though. It shot fine.

The trigger press and reset are comfortably comparable to the SRT inside the P229 Legion. The trigger, grip angle, and size all lend itself to further endearing me to the Sig P320 XCompact. Having the lighter, similarly profiled polymer gun running like my favorite carry pistol made for a familiar shooting experience. Even the much improved Gen 5 Glock trigger doesn’t roll through and break as smoothly

The XSeries grips are some of my favorite stock. From the comfort standpoint the length on the XCompact fits right in that sweet spot of not too long, not too short. Also, they’re polymer… stipple and laser and whatever else you want to “custom” on your grip to your heart’s content.

Carrying the P320 XCompact

P320 XCompact, Raven Concealment Systems Perun

The Sig P320 XCompact has the benefit of compatibility on the market. The P320 has been out long enough for solid accessory market penetration. Holsters, spare magazines, optic adapters, aftermarket you-name-its, it’s a well established gun and XCompact is compatible with the P320 Carry, XCarry, Compact, and M18 ancillary pool.

In the Perun it rides comfortably no issue for range use or OWB concealed carry under an overshirt, vest, jacket, etc. RCS has become my “casual” range/training gear goto, for making life easy and getting to the range to train RCS works. That’s another post though.


Easy, I like it. I’m going to shoot it. I’m going to carry it.

I have never shot Glock pistols as well as the Sig P226/229 and because of that I carry the Sigs. The Gen 5 G19X shifted things back in favor of the Glock but the Sigs were still the more comfortable . The P320 XCompact combines the feature sets I like from the G19X (lighter polymer frame and grip length) with those of the 226/229 (trigger press, reset, and grip angle).

Nicely done Sig, nicely done.

Keith Finch
Keith is the former Editor-in-Chief of GAT Marketing Agency, Inc. He got told there was a mountain of other things that needed doing, so he does those now and writes here when he can. A USMC Infantry Veteran and Small Arms and Artillery Technician, Keith covers the evolving training and technology from across the shooting industry. Teaching since 2009, he covers local concealed carry courses, intermediate and advanced rifle courses, handgun, red dot handgun, bullpups, AKs, and home defense courses for civilians, military client requests, and law enforcement client requests.