Sig M400 Switchblade

The Ultimate M400 Pistol

I really am over the “tough guy” naming conventions of the big manufacturers. But hey, it’s their product. I just talk about them.

Switchblade? Nothing on this little guy even folds. Names are hard sometimes, I guess.

The new M400 Switchblade brings a whole new level of performance to the M400 product family. Utilizing the uniquely designed ambidextrous bolt catch and release lever the M400 Switchblade gives you unmatched flexibility and capability. The Switchblade features an 11.5” barrel and Magpul’s all new BSL brace for maximum performance and control, it also features full ambi controls, twin locking clamp handguard, match grade flatblade trigger and a Cerakote titanium finish.


It’s another 11.5″ DI AR-15, this one is ambi like ADM, Radian, LWRCi have been doing. It’s a proven formula and following the current carbine trends. Stainless steel in the barrel though, interesting choice but far from unheard of. A super easy SBR candidate with a stock swap.

That’s it, it’s a commercial CQBR URG-I peer. I’d have called it the M400CQP.

All in all, Sig looks like they’ve produced what they are known for producing, a solid firearm from a proven working concept. The rebirth of Sig’s product line after the interesting days of things like the ‘556’ which barely worked has been a welcome one.

The VIRTUS is one of the finer 5.56 rifles available. The P320, AXG, and Legion lines along with the remaining classic 226, 229, and 220 sku’s are continuing to provide satisfied customers with satisfactory firearms.

This appears to be more of the same.

I am amused they grabbed a .300BLK mag for this picture. Not that it wouldn’t function, just a detail I find entertaining. Their odd little rattler grip is always aesthetic.

Conclusion: Probably another solidly working short AR in the spirit of the current CQBR URG-I style. It will have some of the Sig idiosyncratic ancillaries, like the tapered barrel, but Sig likes taking care of the end user as much as feasible out of there stock instead of relying on aftermarket.

I’d change the grip to a B5 or a BCM and call it a good day. Throw on a R4T dot, a good light, go forth and pew. Simple.

Now I resume my NGSW info watch. That ambi bolt catch is a carryover from the SPEAR design too, I’m hoping it makes its way into the VIRTUS line.

Keith Finch
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