Sig joins the Modern .22 Line – P322

Taking design lines from both the P320 and the P365 the Sig Sauer P322 is joining popular pistols from Smith & Wesson, FN, and even Taurus in the popular modern plinker line.

P322, Sig Sauer

Looking at the pistol, clearly P365 framework extended for a little comfort, sight radius, and capacity.

Speaking of,


Yep, 20 rounds. This thing holds them. A 20 round magazine, threaded barrel for suppression, and optic ready backplate/sight for a Zero or a 507k rounds out a slim and comfortable .22lr pistol. Very clearly challenging the FN 502 to coolest factory .22 battle in the parking lot.

In short, Sig builds a suppressor ready, optics ready, slim line 20+1 round capacity .22lr on the P365 grip dimensions, and it looks absurdly fun. The P322.

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