SHOT Show 2023: Optic Irons from X Nihilo

Optic Irons from X Nihilo enters into a market that is not very full and could use some good products. These sights are a great product. Found in the new product center at SHOT Show 2023, optic irons are machined aluminum optics that mount directly on top of your optic using the existing type of screws that are used to mount the optic. This means no additional milling of a slide to have iron sights on your red dot pistol. Simply screw on the irons onto your various red dots using their already placed screws and go. The rear sight will be co-witnessed with the front and you will have no sight drift due to being screwed into the optic.

So you have a pistol with a red dot, great right? Now, what about about the rear irons. Often on handgun slides there is no place for rear irons unless the user buys an already milled slide for irons ahead of the optic/the rear of the optic, or sends the slide to a proper gunsmith to mill it. That takes time and money. The user will also have to buy taller height sights to see over the optic in the rear. Now there is a different option that involves no milling of the slide. This option is Optic Irons from X Nihilo. (a mouthful I know)

Note: This item was found in the New Product Center at SHOT before heading into their booth. If you are on-site head over to the center to see the newest items at the show.

X Nihilo has a small booth at booth #40308. Go check them out, they were very happy to chat. Or, visit the website below

What is it?

Optic Irons are simple. Made from machined aluminum these rear iron sights simply screw onto your optic using the same screws that are used to mount the optic.

The Benefits to Optic Irons

  • Due to the iron sights being mounted on top of the optic, the sights are standard height. No more taller sights to see over the optic.
  • No snagging of tall iron sights due to the sights being hidden by the optic. This means no adjustments to holsters will be needed.
  • The rear iron sight will always be centered due to being machined center and mounting the same way each time. No sight drift.

The Iron Sights will come in black. These shown are prototypes. The prototypes are made in silver to stand out from the optic it is mounted on. Total SHOT Show marketing.

The only negative that I could think of is that the right sight is not adjustable anymore. Some may not find this as a negative due to many not adjusting their rear sight in the first place. To each their own.


These sights are made from machined aluminum making them pretty durable. The package will come with two sets of screws, one set in standard and one set in tall. This is for the height differences between mounting directly to the slide or using a plate, also the different heights in sights.

See more photos and information here.

When Can We Purchase and For How Much?

Optic Irons are slated to in full production cycle shortly and are expected to be $40 dollars MSRP. Check back onto their website for information on shipping dates.

Note: I am aware of another company making a different type of iron sights that mount to your optic. However, these are mounted using screws in the drainage holes and more expensive than Optic Irons. They also are a smaller machined piece and may not be as durable as Optic Irons from X Nihilo. I have not used them myself though and am not sure of what their specifications are so take my word for what it is worth.

Anna Martinez
Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.