SCOTUS Reinstates Frame/Receiver ‘Ghost Gun’ Rule While Case Proceeds

Bruen decision echoes through country
Photo Credit: AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The US Circuit Court had previously leveled a stay against the frame/receiver rule put out by the ATF but the US Supreme Court has put the rule back into effect while the case moves forward after an appeal by the Biden DoJ.

“Americans across the country will be safer thanks to the Supreme Court’s decision today to keep ATF’s life-saving ghost guns rule in effect while the appeals process plays out,” said John Feinblatt, president of the group Everytown for Gun Safety.

That is a dubious claim, even as the popularity of P80 and other 80% kits skyrocketed and their being found at criminal scenes or taken into law enforcement custody increased they still represented a mere fraction of the criminally related firearms made by, and serialized by, Glock alone.

The rule relates to PMFs, Privately Made Firearms, and their legal existence without a serial number. Gun control groups continue to trumpet the ‘untraceable’ nature of guns without a number carved into it like its magical crime GPS, but the reality is far more mundane with tracking to the last commercial point of sale giving LE very little useful data that they need for prosecution of the crime associated with weapon.

The case proceeds as the rule once again remains enforceable from its initial stay in July.

This is not unexpected in a case like this, nor is it indicative of the rule being finally vacated or remain permanently either.

Keith Finch
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