Rugers Full Size .380 ACP

The Ruger Security 380 is well made of good material.

Many people cannot handle a hard kicking snub nose .38, .357, Magnum revolver, or a .45 ACP automatic. Some have difficulty racking a slide. Some may enjoy a bit of a kick and even a strong muzzle report, while others do not. There are a number of factors that add up to a sharp recoil. The bump we tend to feel in recoil is mostly the effect of the slide coming to a stop at the end of its travel. The occasional shooters do not have the time and inclination to truly master a powerful handgun, but they realize they do need a handgun. This is what the 2nd amendment is all about, men and women who want to protect home from crime and danger. One of Ruger’s latest introductions is easily one of the more practical handguns offered for personal defense in the past decade. This handgun is designed for those that have difficulty manipulating a slide or handling moderate to snappy recoil. The Ruger .380 is a perfect fit for those who can’t handle recoil and are an occasional shooter looking to protect home and family.

A full size slide and .380 ACP strength recoil spring are easier to handle than most. This pistol also features excellent combat sights with bright fiber optic front sights, and the rear sight is well designed with a wide notch. The frame features a light rail for mounting a combat light, and with the handle fits most hands well. The fixed barrel on it may increase accuracy as well. Like many modern handguns the security 380 is a polymer frame handgun. The action is a hammer fired double action only. It also requires less effort than fully cocking the hammer because when the slide is racked back it leaves the hammer partially cocked. The trigger action is very smooth and controllable, while the slide lock and safety are very easily manipulated. This all makes it very similar to the Security 9 9mm caliber Ruger pistol.  But the .380 does differ in these important particulars. The 380 isn’t any more accurate than the Security 9 in my opinion, however, it is easy to use well.

The magazines supplied with the 380 are a contrast to many of the modern 9mm sub compact high capacity magazines. It is supplied with two steel magazines, one is a ten round flush fit magazine. While the other is an extended fifteen round magazine. The extended magazine features a filler that takes up the space between the grip frame and magazine base. This pistol fits most hands well and the recoil is modest. Recoil control is excellent, the recoil is much lighter than a 9mm handgun and also lighter and smaller than most .380 ACP handguns. I began shooting with FMJ ammunition including PMC and Winchester types. The magazines were also easily loaded to full capacity.

The Ruger Security 380 is a fun gun and that means a lot. I believe the occasional shooter will enjoy practicing with this handgun and that is never a bad idea. I enjoyed the testing of this pistol, I went beyond the usual allotment of ammunition and purchased whatever was cheapest. I fired the pistol in fast paced range drills at 5, 7, and 10 yards. Getting on target was fairly easy, results were good to excellent. Only a few loads need to apply in this caliber. I tested the Federal Train & Protect loading with its “versatile hollow point” in 85 grains. At about 1,000 fps in the Ruger Security 380 this load proved accurate and reliable for most chores. The trigger is easily controllable with sharper reset than most double action types. The sights, trigger, and recoil add up to good results. The 380 is superior to .22s and .32s and offers reliability. The security 380 is an ideal home defense firearm based on reliability, accuracy, easy handling, and a generous ammunition reserve.

The problem is of course power. My 83 year old mother in law and my thin boned granddaughter aren’t comfortable with a snubnose .38 Special- and truth be told a lot of men aren’t. One of the greatest men I have known has physical problems that limit his handling of the formidable handguns in his safe. The .380 ACP offers reliability and good accuracy. Penetration is important and perhaps a non expanding bullet may be best in this caliber. That is a separate issue. The Ruger Security 380 is as accurate and reliable as a pistol this size may be. It is certainly a reasonable choice for many shooters.