Ruger Super Wrangler

While the Wrangler is worth its modest price the Super Wrangler is a more versatile revolver.

I have enjoyed single action revolvers every since my first handgun shot. This was at a young age firing my father’s .22 caliber Herbert Schmidt revolver. As a working gun for many chores from dispatching pests and vermin to hunting small game a .22 caliber revolver a good choice. In a single action revolver with the optional .22 Magnum cylinder things get more interesting. The single action with its relatively heavy frame and rock solid base pin is reliable. A favorite of all time is the Ruger Single Six .22. A price check in early August 2023 found an average price of $699 for the Single Six. While a well made revolver that isn’t chicken feed for the man or woman with obligations. An inexpensive revolver, Ruger’s Wrangler, was at for $208.40. The Wrangler doesn’t have adjustable sights or a .22 Magnum cylinder. The Super Wrangler was found at $283.40. What is a Super Wrangler?

Using non ferrous alloy- perfectly well used to a low pressure .22 Long Rifle cartridge- and using stronger metal in certain high stress areas the Wrangler is a trouble free revolver. There is no spare cylinder as .22 Magnum is deemed too hot a loading for use in zinc alloy  frames. Cerakote finish provides good finish and metal protection. The Wrangler’s accuracy potential cannot be realized at all distances when fixed sights are used. The Super Wrangler is a true outdoorsmans revolver while the Wrangler is more of a plinker for recreational use. The Super Wrangler isn’t an expensive revolver but it is more like the Single Six than the Wrangler.

The Super Wrangler may use shot shell, low and high power .22s, .22 Short, Long, and Long rifle loads in one cylinder. With the Magnum cylinder the longer and more powerful Magnum may be used. (The cartridges are dimensionally very different the .22 Magnum isn’t mrely longer. It is dangerous to fire .22 LR in a Magnum cylinder). The .22 Long Rifle is affordable and offers a great deal of utility. By offering a spare cylinder in .22 Magnum the Super Wrangler increases the usefulness and versatility of the revolver. The new cylinders will not fit in older Wrangler revolvers. The steel frame is stronger than the alloy frame of the Wrangler. With a 5.5 inch barrel the Super Wrangler features good velocity and accuracy. The balance and heft of the revolver are very good. Fast shooting and practice for cowboy action shooting is a good choice!

With the Super Wrangler’s adjustable sights to the Super Wrangler may be properly sighted in for a wide variety of loads and the revolver is accurate to at least 25 yards. The grips are inexpensive checkered plastic grips. The Super Wrangler features transfer bar ignition. When the hammer is at rest a bar between the hammer and firing pin prevents the hammer from moving forward to strike the firing pin. As the hammer is cocked the transfer bar moves into place and as the hammer falls the transfer bar is smacked by the hammer and fires the cartridge under the hammer. This is a safe and reliable system. The Wrangler and Super Wrangler as well as all modern Ruger revolvers may be safely carried fully loaded. To load the revolver open the loading gate and rotate the cylinder as you load one round at a time. To eject spent cartridges the chamber is lined up with the ejector rod and the rod is pressed to eject the cartridge. The trigger action is smooth and crisp. The trigger breaks at  3.5 pounds compression. I rounded up a good mix of .22 Long Rifle and .22 Magnum ammunition. I was distracted a bit by plinking and fun shooting at range debris on the 50 and 100 yard line. This is a fun gun! I settled down and fired accuracy results and chronographed a few loads. 

A variety of .22 Magnum ammunition proved reliable and accurate in the Super Wrangler.

Accuracy testing was undertaken at 50 feet firing from an MTM Caseguard K Zone firing rest.  

LoadVelocity5 shot group
.22 Long Rifle Remington Thunderbolt980 fps1.4 in.
CCI Mini Mag .22 Magnum 1001 fps1.5 in.
CCI MaxiMag hollowpoint 1340 fps1.1 in.
CCI MaxiMagn Solid nose1360 fps1.3 in.
Federal Punch 45 grain1255 fps1.2 in.

For versatility value and fun shooting the Super Wrangler is a fine modern revolver.

Weight 37.0 ounces
Length: 11 in.
Barrel Length: 5.5 in.