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So, a day out on the range with the brand new Ruger Precision Rifle; ours was chambered in .308win. The day started off with a 100 yd sight in and then we went to the 300 yd range for a little bit of accuracy testing and to check if getting MOA accuracy was possible. First, a little about the gun.

The design of the rifle is well thought out. From the ability to use a lot of AR parts on the rifle, like the hand guard, grip, stock, and safety switch, to the built-in 20 MOA rail and the multi magazine capable mag well. We used PMags and M1A magazines when we tried it out; both ran just fine. The stock is a very well designed, though a little complicated if you’re used to a standard Monte Carlo or A2 stock. The trigger was a good trigger for a stock rifle and was much like a Savage Accu trigger, no complaints there. The stock with a little looking and thinking is easy to figure out though; looks harder to set up than it actually is. I’ve said before and will again, this rifle is over engineered in the best ways.

Now, as far as accuracy goes, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything great, but I wasn’t expecting anything horrible either. I figured it would shoot with the same accuracy and consistency as one would expect a decently priced rifle to. It was right where I thought it would’ve been. There was nothing spectacular about the shooting of the rifle, but there was nothing wrong with it either. It consistently shot MOA groups provided you used an ammunition that the rifle was compatible with. The trick was finding which grain and style was shot best from the rifle, but when that was found it shot MOA all day long. With a cartridge the rifle didn’t like it was more like a 2-2.5 MOA, but that’s to be expected with any rifle, really.

As far as things that I would change there are a couple. I really wish something touted as a precision rifle would come with a longer barrel. The .308 only comes with a 20″ barrel and I found that to be pretty stupid. Even though I would swear I saw advertisements back before the product was launched that said the .308 would have a 24″ barrel, who knows; either I’m crazy or they changed some shit. Either way it should have at least a 24″ barrel if they want to tout it as a precision rifle. Hell the 6.5 and the .243 have a 24″ and 26″ barrels respectively. The other thing I would change is putting a better barrel on it. The barrel is a 4140 CMV hammer forged and if I’m going to do precision shooting I want a SS option or  4150 CMV barrel. Also, give me either button pulled or cut rifling if we’re going for precision.

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