Review – Vanguard Advanced VG2 by Raven Concealment

James Yager is not shy and has no issue telling you how he appendix carried before it was called appendix carry. He’s not alone, my uncle, an officer with the NY State Police back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s would Appendix carry a J frame without a holster.

For many the idea of a gun tucked in your belt pointed at your junk without a holster is just insane. I love my kids and have no intention of having more, but that does not mean I am prepared to risk blowing off my nuts, or my femoral artery.

With the invent of low profile injection molded polymer and Kydex holsters, I don’t have to live on the edge of sanity with Yeager or my equally nutty uncle. (For the record I’m not picking on Yeager.)

We have done several reviews on appendix carry rigs over the last few years mainly because I am always on the lookout for a better holster. Recently Raven Concealment made a better holster even betterer. I know betterer isn’t a word, but I don’t care, cause it is betterer. Also, I like making you read made up words, so I can get nasty emails about my inability to properly write.

The Vanguard 2 is the most minimalistic holster you can have and still call it a holster. Frankly calling it a holster may be a stretch. It is a completely encompassing trigger guard with a belt attachment.

The Vanguard 2 holds to the gun super tight. Check out the video of us trying to shake the gun loose.

Secondly the trigger guard is completely protected by the holster so as not to allow any way to engage the trigger when properly mounted. This is incredibly reassuring when the gun is pointed at your personal happy switch.

All that is important to know if you have not read a review on the Vanguard or Vanguard 2. This review is a bit different though. You likely have not read a review on the Vanguard 2 Advanced.

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