REVIEW: Remington V3 Tactical

Although I did not realize it at the time the purchase of the Remington V3 Tactical was a timely acquisition.

They were affordable at the time, just a few years ago, and today they are very difficult to come by and pricey. If you do find this rugged and businesslike shotgun for sale here are a few words on performance.

There are quite a few good quality automatic shotguns on the market today. Some are designed gor sporting use, others well suited for 3-Gun competition straight out of the box. The Remington V3 Tactical, a shotgun based on the proven V3 sporting shotgun, is among these quality choices. While I have used the Remington 870 pump action and Remington 11 87 automatic as emergency guns for many years, the V3 is superior in every way to these classic formidable shotguns.

The V3 is a gas operated self loading 12 gauge shotgun. The V3 is famously reliable with 2 ¾ inch and 3 shells, from game loads to heavy buckshot. The V3 uses a gas regulation system that is innovative and effective. More of the gas ports are exposed with low brass short shells. The system simply uses whatever gas is generated efficiently. This makes training possible with lighter less expensive shotgun shells. Another advantage is that the V3 kicks less than many shotguns. While I do not consider the Remington 1100 a hard kicker the V3 kicks less. The system uses relatively small recoil springs as the gas is bled into a gas block. If you are familiar with the Benelli M4 system the V3 operates on a similar principle. 

The V3 Tactical features an oversized bolt release and safety. Speed and positive handling are the goal. The loading port is enlarged for fast and easy loading. I have occasionally made a very fast reload with two shells at once. The young and fast may do the same with three shells, or even a quad load. I am not saying the V3 will allow this feat without a tremendous amount of practice but there is no shotgun faster than the V3 when it comes to a speed load in my hands. The operator is most important, the V3 compliments a trained shooter.

The V3 also features an enlarged ejection port. This makes for positive ejection and ease of speed loading a shell into the chamber.  The rotating bolt head is a positive feature. The V3 also features a wide trigger and an extended bolt handle. 

The shotgun tested features XS sights. The rear sight is a cross between a true speed sight and a rifle sight and the front ramp sets in a dovetailed base.  The XS sight combination offers a good balance between speed in rapid work with buckshot and precision with slug loads.

The barrel is 18.5 inches long. The magazine is an extended type with a seven shell capacity. The forend and buttstock are synthetic with a good abrasion and adhesion. I don’t fire my shotguns as much as rifles and handguns. Just the same, in the past three years I have fired about five hundred shells in this shotgun getting the feel of it and attempting to master its handling. I have fired cheap shells and the best types of buckshot. There have been no failures to feed, chamber, fire or eject. 

The Remington V3 handles quickly, with a good natural point. The shotgun as issued with its open choke will center buckshot on the target to 15 yards, a bit longer with some loads. Compared to a pump action shotgun the V3 is much faster to a follow up shot, transverses between targets quickly, and offers lighter recoil. I have used a good deal of the Federal Flite Wad buckshot load. This load seems to hold the tightest pattern of any shotgun load I have tested. I have also fired a good quantity of the Federal non toxic lead free frangible training buckshot. While it is designed to break up on steel targets making for safe training it would serve for home defense as well. 

It is good to learn the point of aim and point of impact with slugs. The V3 has been carefully tested with Federal Tru Ball slugs to 50 yards. It isn’t unusual for the V3 to put three slugs into four inches at this range- excellent results. I find the V3 as good a choice as any shotgun for defense use. I am hoping it will become more available soon. 

Remington V3 Tactical Semiautomatic Shotgun Specs

Manufacturer: Remington Arms;
Type: Gas-operated autoloader
Gauge: 12, 3-in. chamber
Magazine Capacity: 6 rounds
Barrel: 18.5 in.
Overall Length: 39.5 in.
Weight, Empty: 7.63 lbs.
Stock: Synthetic
Length of Pull: 14.0 in.
Finish: Black oxide receiver and barrel, black stock
Sights: XS Low Profile rifle sights
Safety: Crossbolt
Trigger: 6.03-lb. pull (as tested)