Return of the Equinox

SIG Custom Works Equinox Series

The SIG Custom Works team pays homage to another truly classic SIG pistol with the new Limited Edition Equinox Series. Featuring the unique Equinox slide design and contrasting nickel plated controls paired with a black Hogue SL G-10 grip, Xray3 Day/Night sights and a SRT trigger, the new Equinox series blends classic styling with modern performance. The Custom Works P226 and P229 Equinox are chambered in 9mm and come packaged with 2 magazines in a Custom Works Negrini case complete with a SIG Custom Works challenge coin and a certified custom certificate. The new, limited edition Equinox Series from SIG Custom Works. A modern take on a SIG classic.

With the return of the Scorpion and the revival of everyone’s favorite Nightmare, SIG Custom Works has brought back three of the most visually appealing lines in the classic Sig Sauer catalog with the modern feature sets of the P320 and current 226/229/220 by adding the stunning, blended, two-tone Equinox.

Unlike the stark dark contrasting features of the Nightmare’s the rich blacks and nickel accents or the Scorpion’s earth tone exterior blending into a multi-color G10 grip that incorporates more of the tactical camo spectrum, the Equinox line always used a gradual fading from its darker portions of slide to the lighter and more polished locations. As the name invokes, an equal mix of daylight and darkness, the slide provides.

The Custom Works are moving SIG back into an artisan direction, or at least this division of Sig Sauer retains that tradition. The functional arms churning out the the production duty guns are not going to slow in the least.

Some of these designs came from the pre-light bearing age where X300U’s, Steamlight TLR-1’s, and newer illumination tools were too rare to include on the room for on the frames of the DA\SA guns. Times have changed for the better and the new guns can run lights and/or lasers of the end user’s desired design with no issue.

I’ve got a Scorpion on the way but the way things are looking I’m now going to stop there…

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