Austere Provisions Brings Back Holidays of Old

Austere Provisions Company went back in time. When we were kids, we saw amazing stocking filled with all sorts of goodies…trucks, tanks, and planes, which fueled our imagination. Austere Provisions recreated that holiday fun with two different options, The Rifle Stocking and The Medical Stocking.

Two unique stockings to choose from that make the perfect gift! No need for wrapping, just hang them up on your mantle this Christmas Eve.
The Medical Stocking
  • NA Rescue 6″ Emergency Trauma Dressing
  • NA Rescue S-Roll Gauze
  • NA Rescue Large Bear Claw Gloves x 1 pr Lg
  • EMS shears, coyote
  • NA Rescue CAT TQ
  • Solkoa Emergency Blanket
  • Assorted APC Decals and Patch
The Rifle Stocking
  • Magpul MOE 30rd PMAG in black
  • Blue Force Gear M4 Belt Pouch in wolf
  • Hoppe’s 5.56 Boresnake
  • KleenBore Nylon Armorer’s Brush
  • Slip 2000 EWL, 1oz
  • Raven Concealment Custom TopStop in Wolf Gray
  • Assorted APC Decals and Patch

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