Reptilia AUS® Scope Mount in 30mm is in stock!

Like most of our products, the AUS Mount for 30mm diameter magnified optics was driven by the request of a professional end user group. In development for more than 2 years, the AUS Mount attaches to any M1913 Picatinny rail via anti-snag spring-loaded nitrided steel clamp and custom bolt mounting system, which can be tightened with either a 5/32 hex or a flat blade driver to sit flush with the body of the mount for a low-profile, streamline design. Also, like our DOT Mount products, the AUS Mount is machined from a single piece of billet 7075-T6 aluminum and is finished with MIL-STD Type III, Class 2, hard anodize coating.

The AUS is compatible with all of our existing 30mm ROF line, and will be compatible with several new ROF products launching over the coming months. The AUS Mount line is also expanding to 34mm and 35mm diameter mounts in the near future!

Like all Reptilia products, the AUS Mount is 100% made in the USA and carries a full lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Additional heights and optic configurations coming soon! 
Editor’s M4 featuring the AUS and Sig TANGO6T S-VPS
Photo by Greg Skaz Photo
30mm Ø – 39mm (1.54″) Height AUS in Black Shipping now!
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Photo by Holtworks
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