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The MasterBlaster

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The Master Blaster

At a recent media event at the Remington ammunition factory in Lonoke Arkansas I had the pleasure of shooting some of the best firearms Remington has to offer. There was definitely one very unique gun we had the opportunity to shoot that stood out. The Remington MasterBlaster.


A 5-foot-long by 5 inches wide, 100 LBS beast of a gun. An 8-Gauge industrial gun. The 8-gauge industrial gun is actually not a gun at all. It is actually classified as a tool and as a tool, the MasterBlaster has many different uses. One can think of it as a sledgehammer with a very long handle. A handle that can reach out around 300 ft accurately.

One of the uses for the MasterBlaster is for clearing out obstructions in a Rotary Kiln. The temperature inside one of these rotary kilns is around 3000 degrees. The material inside is sticky at that temperature and will start to form a ring or a clinker inside the kiln which will block the flow. You just stick the MasterBlaster in the end of the kiln and shoot the ring or clinker away. Without turning the kiln off and letting it cool for days then sending men in with hand tools to break up the rings or clinkers.


In the 1930’s, Kilns had to be shut down and cooled before workers with picks and bars were able to go in and painstakingly pry loose the buildup of rings, clinkers, balls, and snowmen. It was slow, difficult, and expensive. Kiln downtime eroded production efficiency and profits. The “Cement Gun” was Remington’s solution to this problem and their development of the 8-gauge shell revolutionized an industry.

Since that day Remington has continued to improve the industrial gun. Proving its worth in multiple industries. Remington’s latest industrial gun is the most effective, sophisticated Multi-industry tool of its kind. Built like an artillery piece, the Masterblaster industrial gun was developed to withstand the most severe kiln conditions. Four and a half tons of muzzle energy enable a three-ounce lead magnum or two-ounce and three once zinc payloads to deliver knockout punches accurately out to 300 feet. In addition, there is no industrial gun in the entire world that is more powerful, more accurate, and safer.

Shooting the beast

Upon walking out to the range, I was giddy with excitement. I had absolutely no idea what I was about to see when I got to the range. In the distance, mounted to a big metal stand that was secured to the wood frame work of the small shelter that stood over the firing line was a monster of a shotgun standing there pointing downrange. About 50 yards out sat a stool with a giant pumpkin atop.

Oh, hell yeah, this is going to be fun is all I could think the entire time as some folks from Remington explained how it all worked. Yes! It was time to go to the line and fire the MasterBlaster. walking up to the firing line, I turned the industrial guns traverse wheels to get it aligned with the pumpkin, grabbed the giant 3oz, 8-gauge slug and placed it on the loading platform of the MasterBlaster. My heart started pounding out of my chest as grabbed a firm hold of the operating handle and pushed it forward. The industrial gun almost seemed to thank me for feeding it when I threw that operating handle forward. The MasterBlaster was ready to go to work.

This beast should be named Gallagher because it really loved to “smash some fruit.” I looked at the range master and confirmed it was time. The MasterBlaster doesn’t have a traditional trigger. It utilizes a simple lanyard that you just give a little pull straight back. With that simple pull of the lanyard the industrial gun came to life with an earth-shaking bang followed by a whole bunch of laughter and child like giggles from everyone behind me.

Downrange was a different story. I aimed A little bit low, the stool burst into a barrage of splinters and the pumpkin shot straight up in the air. The pumpkin was wounded but not dead so it was time for shot number 2. We reset the range and fired again. This time the pumpkin was not so lucky. It exploded into a million little pieces and covered the range like a blanket. Needless to say, this 8-gauge industrial gun is like nothing I had ever seen before.

A beast designed out of necessity. The classic example of see a need fill a need. The industrial gun is not available to consumers so if you are not in an industry that you actually can use this MasterBlaster, you wont probably ever get the privilege of shooting one. If you are an industrial customer that needs more information on an industrial gun you can contact Remington’s Industrial 8-gauge Department located at Lonoke Arkansas. 501-676-4150.

Andy Grossman
Andy is a content creator and photographer for Athlon Outdoors. A certified NRA Instructor since 2008, he has taught concealed weapons courses and firearms safety courses in Michigan. Through photography and writing, Andy tests and reviews the latest guns and gear with the goal to bring an unbiased opinion to the reader on some of the industry’s most popular products. You can find more of his work at or follow him on Instagram @detailedimagesphoto