ReBAMFed! Cobalt Kinetics Now Under New Ownership!

Yes, they said that.

Image via Cobalt Kinetics, Overwatch XL LE

The makers of the most space age, Sci-Fi, Cyberpunk AR rifle on the market have new management at the helm.

Washington Utah, July 7, 2020: Cobalt Kinetics Under New Ownership

St. George, Utah July 1 – Cobalt Kinetics, manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, today announced that its holdings have been acquired by BAQ Defense, a company providing specialty training, products, and programs to non-profit entities involved in combating child sex trafficking.

As a niche manufacturer focused on enhancing functionality and features in AR type rifles, Cobalt Kinetics climbed to fame by designing and building specialty firearms unmatched in the industry. Endowed with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovation and state-of-the-art engineering, Cobalt rifles have garnered attention by gun enthusiasts, competitors, and high-level dealers since their inception in 2014.

“After a demanding run from 2015 to 2019, we felt ecstatic about the progress we had made. As we were in the steps of planning out our next phase of development, we were approached by BAQ Defense and began entertaining conversations about our future.” Said Skylar Stewart, VP of Cobalt Kinetics. “They were deeply interested in our R&D and the potential they saw for taking the company to the next level. From our very first conversations it was apparent they already had a vision in place, one that would capitalize on what we had already achieved, while moving towards new opportunities that would distinguish Cobalt even further. BAQ Defense was the answer we didn’t even know we were looking for.”

Commenting on the decision to purchase Cobalt, BAQ President, Aaron Quinn revealed,  “We’ve been interested in Cobalt for some time. Their level of innovation and pure artistry is unprecedented.  We watched them maneuver into the industry, filling a need for billet options while also meeting a heavy competition type demand. We want to continue their gold standard of excellence by developing additional firearms that meet every demand in the market. As trends come and go and the flux between tactical and competitive needs arise, we want to be there with products that outfit all buyers.”

Having eased off on production in August of 2019, Cobalt, now under new leadership, will immediately begin its next phase of manufacturing.  Carrying on the tradition of AR Style Rifles, Cobalt now promises to move forward on several new projects, including work on a series of prototypes presently in R&D that are going to dramatically enhance Cobalt’s line up. 

Jason Parker, VP BAQ adds, “With these exciting changes taking place, we want to assure Cobalt fans that the same level of professionalism that has made the company what it is today will remain the same. Several key staff members crucial to prior success will remain with us full time. We will not let the commitment to excellence slide backwards, regardless of the new channels we open.”

For gun owners seeking access to the best AR type rifles on the market, Cobalt is the product of choice. Now, under new ownership and new directives, the name that has predominantly been associated with elite circles, will also be known by every gun owner who wants to experience the best in the game.

Looking to the future,

Jason Parker
Vice President, Cobalt Kinetics

The Cobalt basic rifle costs about $2,000 and they can reach $5,000 in their Evolve variant of the BAMF (Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm). The company is known for using incredible materials and sharp aesthetics combined with forward thinking competition features like their automatic bolt release. But they are a company that makes an H&K look like a frugal purchase.

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