RCMP still won’t release firearm models in N.S. rampage.

They promise that they were on the new list of 1,500 that are banned.

Image via Hallifax Today, RCMP conference announcing the Nova Scotia killings including the death of an RCMP officer.

“What I can say is that there was what could be considered a weapon that could be described that way,” Campbell said, adding that further ballistics testing was being conducted.

The confused mess that is the Canadian response to the Nova Scotia shooting continues apace. With the ban-by-decree of 1,500 firearms the powers on high assure the public that the two rifles recovered were both on the list. AR-15.com was on the list too. A website was listed as a firearm. That just fills me with confidence that all of these measures have been thoroughly researched…

Why should this matter in the US? Gun controllers like the action moms and Bloombergian mayoral minions want this to occur here.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair tossed the buck back to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police so they could again use the ‘ongoing investigation’ line to not answer the question on what firearms were used or their sources if known. The claims that both, or one, or a few, or it depends on who is saying what noncommittal half response at the time, firearms are on the new ban list or were smuggled from the U.S. all seem to get rather fuzzy when we look at any other official statement.

From Campbell’s quote above it would seem only one of the firearms may have been banned, illegal, or modified in some manner. From Blair’s statement both had to be outlined in the new ban laid out by Trudeau… so which is it? This would be so easy to figure out if we just knew the models involved. But RCMP Superintendent Campbell and Public Safety Minister Blair are too busy pointing at each other to give information to be bothered with something so trivial.

They conveniently gloss over the fact that the offending denturist didn’t have a license to possess any firearm, making all of his actions with any firearm he owned illegal.

Now it’s extra extra extra illegal. Or will be. In two years. I’m sure they just needed that extra extra to make it all stick and now evil has been vanquished from the land, deprived of its tools of destruction.

Except fire… and the RCMP handgun that was stolen from the murdered officer. And… wait literally nothing Wortman did was remotely allowed. What will this ban accomplish for the next incident? More helpless Canadians who can’t do a legal thing to defend their lives when a man, ostensibly an RCMP officer by his dress, comes and shoots them or burns their homes down?

The Trudeau government response to this is to say that every Canadian gun owner is just a mass murderer who hasn’t yet. When you point out that this is essentially their response they deny it and cite their support for legitimate ‘sporting’ and *harrumph harrumph* but it amounts to nothing. The powers in charge are just speaking around the issue, ignoring inconvenient truths, and plowing ahead with the ban agenda they always wanted.

The RCMP will likely release the model data at a time when it won’t matter anymore, if we haven’t already passed that point. A juncture where even if someone wanted to go back and check the legality of any models in question if Wortman hadn’t already broken the law, the ban already essentially retconned the whole thing and is now the new normal.

There is still a lot of ‘grace period’ in this legal shift for Canadians for now, who knows if they’ll declare and emergency and shut down the time window. It will be interesting to see if civil noncompliance mirrors New Zealand. The biggest whole in the scheme is the one that everyone from annoyed civil persons to hardened organized criminals already exploit for every law they break, deliberate non-compliance.

So, will the RCMP hold onto this information until it no longer matters? Until it cannot be used to attack the gun ban scheme as ridiculous, even though Wortman’s lack of a PAL already makes it so? The upper echelons of the Trudeau administration already has a track record of pushing the inconvenient aside for expediency so… no bet.

Keith Finch
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