Raytheon Enters the Reflex Sight Game: The ELCAN Spectre 1XL CQS

Raytheon is unveiling a new addition to their line of ELCAN Spectre optics, a reflex sight. The ELCAN line is most noted for their high durability SpecterDR Dual power optics. Their 1-4x and 1.5-6x models have seen fielding during the Global War on Terror. Line and special operations units of several nations fielded the optics with excellent reports.

With the CQS coming to the line Raytheon is expanding their optical offerings to keep in juncture with current battlefield needs.

From Defense and Technology

Raytheon has unveiled the ELCAN Specter close quarters sight that allows ground troops to more quickly identify targets and make better decisions.

Designed specifically for use in close quarters, the new sight uses large high transmission windows, allowing users to keep both eyes open for increased situational awareness.

I’m excited to see these hit the open market and curious to see the price point. The ELCAN Spectre series have a reputation for ruggedness that paces both the ACOG and Aimpoint sights.

Keith Finch
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