Rangers gonna Ranger – even in the Forgotten Ruin

WarGate Books has sent out a release announcing the latest in their Forgotten Ruin series of novels. Because of the unique way they phrased things, we’ll just let you read it in their words in its entirety.

Scroll on down and we’ll give you a few excerpts.

Something to know before you get started: Amazon’s marketing department is now shadow-banning indie authors with “violent content” on the cover (guns, swords, combat, etc.: more on that here). Big-name authors like Jack Carr haven’t been impacted yet (that we’re aware of), but individual writers and small publishing houses very much have been. They cannot run ads on Amazon Marketing Solutions on affected novels, and some books are no longer searchable by the author’s name. You can’t find them unless you know the specific title of the individual book. Sound familiar?

Now on to the release.


For Immediate Release

Area 51, God Only Knows When

Bring it in, take a knee. WarGate Books is proud to announce Sgt. Thor’s imminent raid on the Ruin, Sua Sponte solo style.

This won’t matter to you if you prefer anemic military science fiction, effete protagonists, lackluster action, or peace. If, however, you appreciate a side of carnage to go with your violence of action, then you’re going to want to read on.

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Who is Sgt. Thor? He’s what would happen if Conan completed Ranger School, got tabbed and scrolled, and carried a .50 AMR named Mjölnir on his adventures. He’s the guy who changed his name and his religious affiliation so he could grow a beard, then went full Viking. You know, the former surfer with the Glock 17, matched tomahawks, and Thor Score: The Regimental high score for stacking monstrous bodies.

What is the Ruin? It’s an ancient, murderous future. It’s four hundred generations from now, the wreck of a world Ruined by a nano-plague. It’s a place stalked by hideous creatures and haunted by fiends. It’s the place a company of Rangers with attachments and augments find themselves going shock and awesome on a series of HVTs straight out of a Tolkien novel or D&D campaign.

What about WarGate Books? They’re this world’s source for the acclaimed Galaxy’s Edge, The Lost, Warlord¸ Splashdown, and of course Forgotten Ruin series of novels. They have entirely reimagined military science fiction.

Excerpt from the Forgotten Ruin series…

The skeletal rider heaved the flaming pieces of the devastated shield off into the grass. And at the same moment the Dark Rider uttered its first words as it bore down on us, deathly pale gray horse heaving as it pushed its way up the last of the slope. 

“Now,” it hissed across a vast canyon that separated the real and surreal. Its voice like that of a drowning ghost in a graveyard well past midnight. “Now you all die, mortals!” 

As the rider reached the top of the hill, kicked at the terror-struck horse, and pounded directly at Sergeant Thor, the sniper reversed the Barrett and used it like a club to knock the Dark Rider from the passing horse with one terrific swipe. The dark Jackpot commander HVT groaned like some great giant as it fell backwards off its mount, rolling as it went, its great gray still-burning grave shroud flying in the night like the flag of death eternal. Yet it landed on its ancient leather black boots caked with mud. Terrible sword out and ready to cut as its wielder rose slightly into the air, levitating off the ground right in front of us, dying flames crawling across its body. 

Thor scrambled away, pulling a magazine off his chest carrier and getting it into the massive Mjölnir as he turned and raised it to fire.

Anspach, Jason; Cole, Nick. Hit & Fade (Forgotten Ruin series book 2)

Rangers gonna Ranger, whether they’re killing bad guys in dirty manjams or orcs in rusted armor.

“The Ranger tab is just a leadership school. The scroll is a way of life.” Sgt. Thor

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