Rail Mounted Environmental Illuminator – REIN

Details, Info, and Mounting The Cloud Defensive REIN

Cloud Defensive has finally released the REIN, and it looks to be exactly what we were hoping to see from the team that brought us the nigh indestructible OWL.

The REIN and 3rd Gen LCS (Light Control System)

The OWL was a logical culmination of what a ” Durable Top Mounted Rifle Light” should be. It personifies that concept but within that personification it was also limited in its scope. It can basically serve as a stand alone light for a carbine with no plans for other ancillary equipment. It can be used left or right side mounted with the switch centralized on a top rail.

It is also massive.

The large size, premium price, and less than stellar compatibility with lasers and IR illuminators kept the OWLs niche narrower.

The REIN looks to fix that and open up the Cloud Defensive light coverage into the lanes occupied by the Modlite and Surefire Pro units. Competition breeds innovation, and the incremental improvements that look to be within the REIN make that look promising.

Since all the modern units are going towards 18350 and 18650 cells for power, commonality is made easy. When my rechargeable cells can run any of these lights and the on market mounts can support them it makes selecting and trying all of them an easy choice.

I’m still looking to add more lights to my quarantine collection and the REIN and REIN Micro look highly promising

Keith Finch
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