Q Series Batons by SOG 

Trampas Swanson of Swanson Media Group takes the SOG Q1 and Q2 runs them through their paces as daily EDC Items.

Over recent years, the market has been flooded with a wide range of “multi-tools”.  This is due to an increased demand in “all-in-one” products for the growing public with the trend to streamline their lifestyles and yes, even their tools.  A general rule of survival, even in the “urban jungle”, is to carry items that serve at least three functions or it is just perceived as added bulk to your daily carry. Products range from bottle openers to lasers but all similar in shape and size. Truth be told, the multiple purpose tool platform has rarely changed from its Swiss Army knife roots starting in 1891. Over the years, various manufacturers have only added bulk and reduced user friendliness in the process. Earlier this year, SOG Tools debuted their take on the multi-purpose tool in the form of what they titled the “Q” series at the industry only SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada. This new series of tools takes the platform in a new and different direction by simplifying and slimming down the traditional form by putting it into a small baton. While only the pre-production models were on display at the show, I arranged to get a sample of the first two batons in the four-part series once they were released.

A few months later after a pair of push backs on the actual production release, the SOG Q1 and Q2 batons arrived at the Swanson Media Group office for review. Each baton comes in a clear plastic box similar to a new cell phone accessory with only the baton and a one page instruction guide. Each baton was roughly shaped like a medium size highlighter in a very attractive black and matte grey anodized finish. Both offered a SOG branded metal clip to hold the baton upright in a pocket or backpack.

Q1 Specs

Closed: 5.6”

Weight:2.4 oz.

Features: Replaceable pressurized ball point pen

Flat screwdriver

Bottle opener


MSRP: $54.00

Q2 Specs


Weight:3 oz.

Features:Straight edge blade

75 Lumen LED flashlight

Bottle opener

Flat screw driver


I have been carrying both the Q1 and Q2 batons regularly for over a month in my range pack and daily “go” bag with mostly positive results. Let’s take a look at some quick “pros and cons” have found during my time with these SOG tools.


I liked that the batons are slim and easy to slip into my pocket or even clip into an outside Molle loop on one of my bags if I need to quickly store them. There was no noticeable bulk and did not flop around in my gear like a traditional multi-tool would.

The Q1’s replicable pressurized pen came in handy when needed because I habitually do not carry an ink pen in my kit although I am always finding myself in need of one. The fact I can easily find inexpensive replacement cartridges for the pen is a huge plus.

The Q2’s straight blade arrived out of the box razor sharp and ready for real world use. I have used the blade regularly without having to re-sharpen it yet.

The Q2’s 75 lumen LED light is bright, easy to use and holds up to having been accidently dropped several times on tile, hardwood and concrete. It’s tough, bright and very user friendly. Changing out the battery is fast and easy. The use of a very common AAA battery is a huge plus because it doesn’t involve a trip to a specialty store to replace.

With the Q1, the scissors feature a few years ago would not have very much use other than being the only allowed cutting device to fit TSA standards. However, at this point in my life, I am a father for two young daughters who are constantly buying clothes, toys and other items in need of having tags, strings and wire holders cut off in a hurry before the world ends. My formerly lease favorite multi-tool feature has now become one of my most used. While a straight knife blade could do the same task, the scissors offer a quick and safe way to cut small items while having small children hovering about in the zone a straight knife may swing once finally cutting through.


As with any product, there were things not very useful for my daily duties such as the bottle opener. Again, looking at social trends, the world is moving away from traditional bottles without twist-off tops which made the bottle opener feature on both the Q1 and Q2 an archaic item for my needs.

The flat head screw driver on the end of this opener tool was also not much use as the world is predominantly full of Phillips head screws if not individually licensed proprietary patterns. This space on each baton would be much better suited by eliminating two items for one decent sized Phillips head driver.

While I liked the Q2’s straight blade, I did end up poking myself in the finger with it a couple of times when I first learned out to fold the baton to expose it. The end of the blade is very close to the top of the baton where the hand naturally wants to apply pressure to fold it. There is a definite self-correcting learning curve built in for most end users.

Final Thoughts

Coming away from the SHOT SHOW, I was concerned about the MRSP of the Q series ranging from $54 to over $100 with the Q4. The product offers a limited number of features for the price of some full-size tools. After spending time with the Q1 and Q2, I clearly see where the value lies. Both batons reviewed were very well-made, light-weight, easy to use and very durable. SOG has built a great reputation for quality products in the industry and the Q series looks to be yet another hit for this respected company. If you are looking for easy to carry daily items that meet the needs of urban survival, I urge you to check out the Q series from SOG for yourself and find out which is right for you.

Source: http://www.thegearlocker.net/2017/07/q-series-batons-sog/

Eric TGL
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