Preparing the Ground for a Hunt

Everything about hunting involves taking calculated risks. When you choose to hunt one stand, you are hoping it’s the right one for that day – but you risk the possibility that another would be better. Creating food plots shifts the odds in your favor. When you choose to manage the habitat of your hunting land, you are investing time and money to improve your hunting and the carrying capacity of your land.

Choosing the right equipment to put in food plots is a critical part of that process. You need equipment that does the job the way you want it done, is easy to use, and won’t break down. In choosing that equipment, you risk making a bad choice – breakdowns, poor results and high costs.

Firminator is a popular brand among serious hunters who put in their own food plots. The Firminator combines a heavy-duty disc harrow, an agricultural-grade cultipacker and a precision ground-driven seed system in one unit, with versions that give you the choice to pull it behind either an ATV or a tractor.

Food plots installation with Firminator

It prepares the ground, delivers any kind of seed you want at any planting rate you want, and seals the ground to provide good soil-to-seed contact for maximum germination rate.

The American-made quality and the way the company stands behind its products gives you maximum flexibility in putting in the kind of food plots you want, with very little risk of poor results. The reliability of your food-plot equipment will lead to more productive hunts. The quality of design and parts of the Firminator make it easy to use and easy to adjust allowing the user greater success. 

The Firminator Accu-Seed system, a simple hand adjustable item, allows you to seed anything from clover to beans to blends. A wide range of pitch and angle adjustments, along with the heavy tilt of its disks, allow you to work the widest possible range of soil types. The range of usability lends itself to setting up as many plots as you need a variety of terrain and soil.

To find out more about the Firminator and the whole line of Firminator products and accessories, check out their web page at


Setting the stage for a successful hunt starts now.

Keith Finch
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