Precision Rifle Training: CR2 Shooting Solutions

"We believe more in the marksman mindset. Foundational principles rooted in doctrinal background applied to the situation the shooter finds themselves in."- CR2 Shooting Solutions. Courses made to build and develop shooters into true marksmen.

“We build Marksmen”. A phrase coined by two men who went to work each day living by another phrase, “one shot one kill”. With precision rifle growing immensely around the country, and our U.S. Army Sniper School curriculum getting more advanced each year, there is a vast amount of knowledge that needs to be shared between two very separate entities. CR2 Shooting Solutions wants to bridge that gap between civilian and military precision shooting.

The Beginning of CR2 Shooting Solutions

CR2 shooting solutions was started by two former U.S. Army Sniper School instructors that had a desire to spread the knowledge that they have gained to those outside of their sniper community. Christopher Roberts and Christopher Rance, founders of CR2 Shooting Solutions, arrived at sniper school and got certified around the same time. They worked together on advancing the curriculum and competed at various precision rifle matches, such as Mammoth Sniper Challenge and overseas at the Isreali Sniper Competition, ultimately taking back various marksmanship techniques to the states.

Building a strong foundation with students at U.S. Army Sniper School

Through their time in the precision rifle community, Roberts and Rance saw great instructors teach current information while also seeing one track minded instructors teaching old instruction from aging military programs. The need for a course with current information that can create well rounded students was there.

Meet the Instructors

Christopher Roberts
Throughout his 18 years in the Army, Roberts performed sniper operations both domestic and globally. Ending his Army career as a Sniper Instructor, he then moved to advising the Army on current and future weaponry and tactics that will advance us on the future battlefield.

Christopher Rance
In Rance’s 17 years in the Army he has served in many facets of sniper leadership, instructed students from different branches and law enforcement entities, including foreign allies, and authored Sniper TC 3-22.10. Throughout his career serving as a Sniper Instructor in the Army he has been awarded Best Instructor of the Cycle numerous times. Rance has also worked with Kestrel Ballistics as a Military Field Consultant.

Assistant Instructors
Scott Peterson, Jeremy Frazier

Various guest instructors such as Frank Galli who will be instructing at the April course in Bridle Iron South in TX.


How Often

Classes look to be pretty plentiful with more being added to the schedule. See the schedule here.

Classes can also be tailored to the individuals within the class. For example, recently CR2 held a LE Designated Marksman course due to the students employing their weapons in a LE DM application which can use very different techniques than Mil snipers or civilians.

What Does a Student Need to Bring

One thing that this class may do that many won’t is focus on the gas guns that we know and love. The precision rifle market has made bolt action precision rifles the highlight of most courses and matches. Gas gun matches, that companies like Quantified Performance give us, showcase the capabilities of the AR-15/AR-10 type rifles. CR2 Shooting Solutions also wants to expose you to those capabilities, those that you may not have known your rifle could achieve.

QP Homepage

With that being said, here is what you will need at the minimum for a 2-3 day class from CR2 shooting solutions.

  • Any rifle that can hold 1.5 MOA. This means that your rifle can shoot and repeat a 1 1/2 inch group at 100m.
  • Two magazines
  • Scope with mil/moa turrets
  • Rear bag
  • 200 rounds of match ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Ballistic solver (a kestrel will be provided at the class but your ballistic app will also work)

Due to the current state of affairs and ammunition issues don’t be afraid to reach out to CR2 if you’d like to take their course but are having issues with the equipment list.

Previous Classes/AAR

When asking about how the previous courses went Roberts stated, “Our last class was held at Arena Training Facility in November, 9-11th. It went off to great success. Students ranged from beginning shooters, competitors, and active duty military.”

A previous class going over rifle set-up.

Who Should Go/What Disciplines?

“All shooters and disciplines are encouraged to go to the course and walk away with an increased skillset.” -Christopher Roberts
That statement shows that this course wants to build a foundation within any type of shooter. Roberts goes on to talk about how many shooters are thrown into higher skilled shooting styles such as barricade work without obtaining a foundation that can help them in all scenarios. CR2 wants to build shooters that don’t let their equipment allow them to get away with shots, or only know how to “game” a type of stage. Build a foundation, learn your shot process, call your shots, know the wind calls so well to that you can make that first round impact. If you have a foundation that sets you up to advance in those areas you can make impacts in any application. Beginners, hunters, competition shooters, Mil/LE, all are welcome.

TC 3-22.10 Authored by former Sniper Instructor and CR2 Instructor Christopher M. Rance

The Goal

“We want to build marksman and what a marksman is, is a shooter who knows how to properly set up their weapon system; who can group, zero and confirm at distance; who can build a profile and extrapolate data and build a hard data chart; who knows the shot process and who can build a foundation and can read, assess and call wind down to +\- 2 mph.”- Christopher M. Rance

The term standard was brought up many times when talking with CR2. They want to create a standard within the precision rifle world. The Goal of CR2 Shooting Solutions is to give you the training to engage in any form, any environment, any stressors, any equipment, and impact your target. Because well.. that’s the standard that a true marksman should strive for each day.






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Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.