PPSS Group Upgrades Their Blade Blocking Body Armor

PPSS Group have today announced an official replacement for their highly acclaimed polycarbonate-based stab resistant body armour.

PPSS Group have today announced an official replacement for their highly acclaimed polycarbonate-based stab resistant body armour.

According to their CEO Robert Kaiser, the decision was based on the company’s comprehensive understanding of the most realistic operational risks and threats, faced by today’s homeland and private security professionals,

The firm’s product video, featuring him being beaten and stabbed wearing the body armour is widely regarded as ‘physical evidence’ of its precise performance level and quality.

Kaiser said:

“Following years of relentless R&D we have concluded that Polycarbonate as a raw material is simply no longer on par with the threats some of our men and women face. We learned to accept that improved protection from knives, machetes, razor blades, shanks and indeed spikes was needed.”

“We concluded that carbon fibre was the only real reliable and forward-thinking solution. Working with carbon fibre made us understand what truly superior levels of stab protection could be achieved, alongside substantial weight reduction, lower thickness, and finally also fully certified spike protection. And this at no extra cost.”

According to Kaiser, certified spike protection is crucial, especially to correctional and prison officers who face some of the cruellest makeshift weapons, such as shanks and spikes daily.

Spike protection has now also become of equal importance to private security professionals, simply due to the type of weapons appearing on the streets in recent years.

Religious extremism, terrorism, social deprivation, immigration, a lack of respect and discipline, and an overall breakdown in society all had an impact on to the increasing number of knives and edged weapons being carried, and on the kinds of edged weapons essentially being used.

In recent months and years we have seen extremely evil individuals walking the streets, carrying ‘Samurai’ swordsmeat cleavers and machetes, brutally assaulting and indeed slaughtering innocent people, often driven by rage and extremism, in many cases committing multiple homicide or mass murder.

Comparing it with the company’s highly successful polycarbonate-based stab resistant vest, the new body armour is even lighter, thinner, more effective and more functional.

Certified Performance Levels

  • CAST KR1/SP1 Stab & Spike – (CAST Body Armour Standard 2017)
  • NIJ Level 1 Stab & Spike – (NIJ Standard 0115.01)
  • VPAM K1 Stab & Spike – (VPAM KDIW 2004 – Edition 18.05.2011)
  • VPAM I1 ‘Needle Protection’ – (VPAM KDIW 2004 – Edition 18.05.2011)
  • VPAM W1 ‘Impact Protection’ – (VPAM KDIW 2004 – Edition 18.05.2011)

Over the past ten years, PPSS Group’s body armour have been offering the most reliable levels of protection from edged, protecting security professionals and law enforcement, prison, immigration, and customs officers worldwide.

About PPSS Group

PPSS Group is an international firm specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high-performance personal protective equipment, offering unrivalled protection from edged weapons, blunt force trauma and even human bites. Social media presence: FacebookLinkedInTwitter and Instagram.

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