PolyCase Ammunition Selected For SAAMI Membership


PolyCase Ammunition, LLC has announced its selection as an Associate Member of Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute (SAAMI).

SAAMI is an association comprised of the Nations’ leading manufacturers of ammunition, firearms and components. In its inception in 1926, SAAMI was created upon the request of the federal government to promote safe and responsible firearms use; as well as industry standards for safety, reliability and quality. PolyCase was founded upon many of the same principles and has continued to establish themselves as a pioneer in the self-defense ammunition world. SAAMI is the voice of the firearm and ammunition community, taking a scientific stance by maintaining technically correct standards for terminology, performance and interchangeability.

“PolyCase is honored by its membership selection into this elite organization. We are truly humbled to be an Associate Member of SAAMI,” says PolyCase CEO Paul Lemke. “This selection, by fellow SAAMI members, reaffirms our company’s dedication to quality and the contributions PolyCase is expected to make in the shooting industry. We look forward to fully participating in SAAMI through adherence to current standards and introduction of new products and innovation.”

PolyCase, known for their revolutionary ARX projectile, manufactures and sells ammunition under the Inceptor and Ruger brands. The ARX is a specialized injection-molded non-expanding bullet designed for home and self-defense, using fluid dynamics to transfer maximum kinetic energy to soft-tissue targets. For more information about the Company and Inceptor or Ruger ammunition, visit

About PolyCase Ammunition

PolyCase Ammunition develops, manufactures, markets and sells world-class, patented and patent-pending small-arms ammunition used by discerning professionals and sports shooters. Made in the USA using more than 90 years of advanced design, materials and manufacturing experience; our 21st century products are designed to provide the lethality and consistency expected by our customers.

The PolyCase Ammunition team consists of experts in chemical, mechanical, advanced materials and industrial engineering, ammunition research, development, testing and evaluation, precision manufacturing, marketing, and U.S. domestic and international sales. We have proudly partnered with other industry leaders to provide our customers with the highest quality ammunition manufactured using only the most efficient components.

For more information please contact Ric Brown, PolyCase Sr. Vice President of Operations at

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