PHLster Floodlight

One holster for nearly any pistol

“Universal” holsters are rough bunch. Many don’t work or are just to involved to be practical.

PHLster’s Floodlight has basically cracked the code by taking a bunch of differently shaped firearms and giving them a universal mounting point.

That mounting point is an X300U from Surefire. Widely regarded as one of the best lights on the market and can be mounted on a variety of duty sized and compact guns.

Prior to the Floodlight the only real options for me to carry a light were a handheld (which I still do carry for general use) or having a custom holster made for each pistol and light combination.

The flood requires the use of a specific light, but the X300 Ultra is a premier tier pistol light.

Sage Dynamics has the breakdown.

Keith Finch
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