Phlster Enigma Modification: The Bumster

Levo Designs gives us another Phlster Enigma upgrade, the Bumster. Using the bumster allows the user to move the Bumster leg leash to a place that no longer shows while wearing shorts or a dress. It also gives a more comfortable positioning for both men and women.

The Phlster Enigma has been taking the inside the waistband carry crowd by storm over the last year. Within that year many upgrades have been released to make the enigma more comfortable and practical with any type of clothing. The upgrades include things like the Sport Belt, the Papoose, and the Modular Wedge Kit.

One issue that has still come up is the leg leash showing while wearing shorts. Now before some say, “well just remove the leg leash”. Removing the leg leash is not an option. The leg leash acts as a way to keep the holster retained while ripping the gun out. Some hacks to the leg leash showing have come out such as re routing the leg leash up through the waistband. This gets it off of the lower part of your thigh. With this though, sometimes the adjustments to the leash can be a hassle dependent on the type of clothing you’re wearing.

Now, there is a permanent fix, the Levo Designs Bumster.

Levo Designs is known for making the Papoose which creates a comfortable cover for the waistbelt to avoid friction. They have now come out with the Bumster, an alternative leg leash that is compatible with the enigma belt.

How Does it Work?

The Bumster is simple. It is a thicker but still comfortable leg leash that does not push into the skin or create a “muffin top” affect. The leash connects to the back of the holster by wrapping around the waistband and connects to the front of the holster by part of the faceplate. This means that no permament modifications are necessary and it can be removed at any time.

Can I just Modify the Current Leg Leash and Not Buy the Bumster?

In short yes, however it may not be the best option. While the leg leash does work for some, some also have issues with it as with anything and different consumers. So we will show the cons that some have stated.

  • leg leash shows in shorts or a dress
  • after re routing the leash through the back it is too tight on the backside showing an almost “panty line” appearance
  • leash chafes the thigh
  • you wear a prosthetic so cant wear leg leash

Due to the Bumster creating a straight line from the face plate to under the thigh it doesn;t create any tension lines on the body and still gets off the thigh so it doesn;t show under short clothing.

Specs and Pricing

Price: $16.24

Weight: 1 oz

Bumster Length: 24″, 27″, 30″, 33″, 36″, 39″

Measuring for it

From the Website..The Bumster comes sized in 3″ increments to keep extra strap length minimal. To determine which size you need, while wearing your Enigma please measure from the faceplate slot down between your legs, and up to the top of the belt where you plan on attaching the Bumster (we recommend placing it on the meaty part of the hip behind the bone, but some people choose to wear it straight up the back, thong-style), leaving about 2″ of slack. Placing the belt attachment about 1″ behind the hip bone tends to best prevent the strap from working its way out of the crease at the top of the leg with normal movement throughout the day.

If you don’t have a soft tape measure available, use the stock leash, a belt, or about 3 ft of string. Hold the places where your marks land, then straighten it out next to a ruler. If you’re between sizes, select the next size up.

Add 3″ to your measurement if you plan to use the Sport Belt in the future.

Men vs Women Wearing Position

Anatomy between men and women are different. I know, crazy. The Bumster is worn in a very intimate place and different sexes have found that wearing it different has helped.

For Women: “Women may find it most comfortable keeping the belt attachment on the same side as the faceplate attachment, or straight up the back side, similar to how thong underwear is worn.”- Levo Designs

For Men: “Men may find it most comfortable wearing it cross-body (if your Enigma is set up for right handed use and the leg leash is attached to the right slot on the faceplate, keeping this attachment place for The Bumster, attach the belt end to the left hip). FAQ: Does the Bumster pinch male anatomy? No, it sits perfectly right behind it.” -Levo Designs

Reviews; Found on The Phlster Concealment Fbook Page

From a man: “…However, the OG leg leash was way too long for me to be worn full Bumster, causing the clip to then land pretty much center-center under me (between both ischial tuberosities and between the coccyx and pubic symphysis). This resulted in very limited access for quick removal during seated bathroom breaks where time is of the essence #KeyinLockSyndrome, as it needed to be completely unthreaded out from under me towards the back. I now love my Bumster set up with the snap on the faceplate side, as pictured on Levo Designs’ website, for much easier removal during seated bathroom breaks. I found this snap-on-faceplate setup also has the welcome side effect that it provides me with a loop around the Enigma belt to tuck the extra Enigma tail, effectively removing the need for my makeshift hair tie belt loop. The Bumster loop additionally lies flat over the belt and doesn’t compress the belt into a roll anymore, further increasing comfort that I had not known I was missing..”-Phlster Fbook Group Member

From a Woman: The leg leash chafes me. This is a mod created by John Tucker of levo designs) suggested for exactly that issue (and others). For now I can use the leg leash with a thin pair of shorts underneath (I use Thigh Society, somewhere between panty hose and bike shorts thickness).

From a Woman: Purchased the Bumster (soooo comfortable and have less worry of the leg leash showing when wearing shorter dresses/ shorts. Plus it’s super, super easy to adjust while wearing). Love, love love it!

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