Peak Case Semi-Custom Handguns and Rifle Cases

You got that brand new gun, and you just started shooting 3 gun, or you plan to fly with a weapon. Now What? You can buy a cookie cutter pick and pluck foam kit to fit your gear, drop some mega cash on a custom solution or you can choose a semi-custom case that fits your needs and your budget.

Having struggled with soft pick and pluck foam, I will never go that route again. While I love my custom case, it’s not something that is affordable for many people. Semi-custom isn’t only affordable it offers an impressive set of advantages we will explore in this article.


What is Semi-Custom

Semi-custom cases are designed with a particular model gun like an Ar-15 or SIG MPX. From there they offer modular foam components that can be removed or added to accommodate different grip patterns, optics or stock lengths.

Each kit from Peak Case Company is thoughtfully developed to accommodate the most common accessories based on the targeted use. Options include the range handgun kit on rollers that modularly stacks, to the 3 gun 2 tier case. Each case offers many additional storage spaces for ammo, ear pro, eye pro, reusable desiccant and more.

Semi-custom Handgun cases, for example, will fit a broad range of gun options that fit tight enough to keep your guns safe but with wide enough tolerances it can be model agnostic.



Why Semi-Custom?

Price is a huge part of the why many people opt for semi-custom vs. fully custom. Top of the line options for multi-tiered 3 gun cases that fit an AR, Shotgun, 2 pistols and tons of accessories cost only $325 for the complete case and foam. Handgun options start much lower at only $89.

There is a bigger reason for me personally than price; it’s modular. With the reviews we do here, we often get guns on T&E that have to ship back. This means many of the weapons I travel with or have around are not permanent, and it’s not feasible to get custom cases for each.

Even on the guns I do own, we are constantly changing optics, lights and other gear based on new TTP’s, or reviews. Having the ability to move items around in the case yet still secure is vital. Based on the hard use and flights that my guns have to endure on a regular basis these cases need to be tough. Peak case meets and exceeds these requirements.


Why Peak Case?

Peak-Case-Rigid-Handgun-3We reached out to Peak Case after seeing positive feedback on their cases when I needed a handgun box for multiple guns and range kit that was in a hard case for inclement weather. The service was fast; the price was great, and the product was above what I expected.

If you decide to go for a custom case Peak Case Company also does those and is able to work of pictures and your measurements so you don’t need to be near the shop.

Peak Case Semi-Custom Rigid Handgun Case

Peak-Case-Rigid-Handgun-1The case we have been using is a Rigid Tool box kit with a 2 handgun semi-custom foam insert. The top layer holds desiccant, 2 pistol mags, 2 guns with a pass through, The lower layer fits three 50 round boxes of ammo up to .45 caliber with a larger cutout for eye pro or other misc items (we filled it with more ammo) and a spot for ear pro.

This case will stack on other Rigid Pro boxes such as their rolling range case if you want to bring more items to a match. The metal latch that is lockable, is a nice upgrade from many all resin cases. Like its more expensive competition it seals water tight and has a pressure relief valve.

The orange colored foam to match the Rigid Pro color scheme is bright and thick. It did not tear or rip like some of the cheaper foam on the market and is a tool quality material made for hard use. Being that Sentienl Concepts class almost always have some amount of rain I was really impressed to see how well the desiccant worked to keep my case from getting moist even after loading it with a wet gun.

This case receives our best in value award!

How to Win Yours


4Tom, the owner of Peak Case, offered to do a giveaway for our readers. So not only can you buy direct from Peak Case via their website or ebay but you can enter to win a case of your choice up to $350. Via GAT Daily.


Be sure to visit them directly via their website, or give Tom a call to discuss your needs direct with the man himself.

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