PCSL: The 2 and 3 Gun Competitive Shooting Match That Needs to be Talked About

The Practical Competition Shooting League is a league and set of rules that involves more marksmanship and harder targets than standard multi-gun matches. These matches can be held as a 2 gun or 3 gun match and involve covered targets, small far away steel, and a time plus points scoring system. This means that the faster you finish the match and hit the target in the small scoring area, the better you will end up in the standings.

“Founded by multi-time consecutive national champion Max Leograndis in 2021, the PCSL is a vision of what the world’s premiere practical shooting sport should be.

For those with competition shooting experience already, whether from Multigun, USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, or other events, PCSL will feel comfortably familiar but at the same time refreshing, exciting, and new. We’ve taken the best aspects from many disciplines of practical shooting and modernized them, creating the best match type yet. Events of every size – from the most humble club matches to the biggest championships – will be the best in class experiences you can find at any event.”-PCSL

What is it?

Practical Competition Shooting League. Rather than a league, it is a set of rules that focuses more on shot placement rather than just any shots on target. PCSL has been running for a couple of years now but just hasn’t gained the traction that it should do to larger entities such as USPSA, IDPA, or other multi gun leagues. For those unfamiliar with any of those leagues, imagine close target shooting with both a pistol and then switching to a rifle or shotgun. Some of these targets are steel that is placed about 20 yds away, and some are large paper IPSC’s that are half covered with a no shoot. This league involves all of that but with a Time Plus Points Scoring Method. This means getting through the stage fast, but placing two well aimed shots in the center of the target, or one well aimed shot in the neck area or “K Zone” on the P2G Target, gaining you more points. This league breeds both marksmanship and speed. Not just one or the other.

To see more specific PCSL rules click Here.

Below is a video going over a standard PCSL 2 gun stage.

How is it different than other Multi-Gun matches?

While this league may seem like just another multi-gun match, it is inherently different in the marksmanship side. Other multi-gun rulesets state that a target within the stage is fully engaged if there are two shots on paper. That’s all you need, two shots on paper and keep moving. However in PCSL these two shots need to be placed in vital/lethal hit area within the target. If not hit in the proper zones, you will receive less points from that target. Less points or even a penalty can hinder a quickly completed stage.

The targets are also much more difficult in PCSL than other multi-gun leagues. Smaller steel further away and more no-shoot cover on the targets.

Notice the “K Zone” on the top of the target. This is the zone where only a single shot is needed on the target to fully engage it. Photo: ShootPCC.com

Scoring from the PCSL Rulebook is as follows:

The maximum amount of points a competitor may receive per P2G paper target is ten (10).

  • The K-zone (“kilo”) is worth ten (10) points per hit
  • The A-zone (“alpha”) is worth five (5) points per hit
  • The C-zone (“charlie”) is worth three (3) points per hit
  • The D-zone (“delta”) is worth one (1) point per hit

What do I need to compete?

As always, the individual gun set up will depend on class but for most 2 gun PCSL Shooters you will need a rifle, a pistol, ammo, a belt with an active retention holster, and mag pouches for both rifle and pistol. If it’s a 3 gun match add the shotgun items such as shell holders and such.

The biggest equipment need within these matches is active retention on your holster due to running while you have a gun in the holster. This is a little different than a standard USPSA type match due those matches having you run with the gun already drawn. If you are running a holster without active retention and your gun falls out, this is usually an automatic match disqualification. Don’t worry, that battle belt with a thumb release retention system won’t cause you to lose the match. These matches aren’t won due to fastest draw from the holster or easiest pouches to draw a magazine from, they are won due to skill. Shooting fast and getting your hits.

How do I find matches?

Practiscore is your friend. Simply open up Practiscore.com and click matches. Now, input PCSL into the search bar. This should pop up individual matches. Or..click HERE to search for PCSL matches near you.

There are a few 2 day matches currently on the schedule. Click here to see those.

Spread the word.

The only reason I specifically even know about PCSL is due to Quantico holding the first match of its kind here on the east coast. Now there are a few more matches popping up in Georgia and other east coast areas for 1 day matches. On the schedule currently there are some two day matches in NC, MN, and GA.

Local clubs can run PCSL rules in their matches without being affiliated with the league. Meaning, if you have a local club that you like reach out and ask if they can start running these matches.


“There will never be a requirement to affiliate your club with PCSL. Our match type and ruleset are completely open-source for you to use and adapt to your own club’s needs. In the future, we hope to offer an optional affiliation package that adds huge value for clubs without penalizing those that don’t affiliate. But today, since PCSL is still nascent, we are focused on letting club participation grow organically while offering the best information and support we can for free.”-Practical Competition Shooting League

Anna is a Federal Weapons Gunsmith with 8 years of previous experience within the US Army Ordnance Corps (91F). She has taken multiple armorer and weapons proficiency classes to include FN, Knights Armament, and Small Arms Weapons Expert course. She also writes for American Gunsmith, AR Build Junkie, and is active in Precision Rifle sports around the nation.